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By mikewrx
My 2 cents. I edit on a laptop thats a couple of years old running Windows 7. I use windows live moviemaker (free). It works fine and makes it easy to add captions, title sequences, credits, music, etc. I generally use Aura Video Converter (free) to convert the video to wmv before editing.

By gevermalc
There are some very good but free software packages available, look at OpenShot Video Editor. It is pretty powerful and has transitions and effects, multi-track, etc, all the things you would expect in a high quality video editing suite. It is open source so if you don't like it, you haven't spent anything and can simply un-install it. It's all up on what you want to do. For a simple video, Vegas is decent, but if you want to get into more effects, I'd go with Premiere Pro and After Effects. If you were thinking of going into movie making as a career, I'd go with Final Cut Pro.
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By skyman
Does anyone out there know why my videos shot with a YI 4K+ does not stream normally ? (using Windows Media Player)
I have other older action cams that work just fine with it. Using the YI it just freezes, and slowly changes frames in a very slow speed.

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By adyr
What Video editing software do you guys use?
When I had a task that no video editing program I tried was able to do it, I used gstreamer from command line. It's quite though to use it like that, though.

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