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Great looking day. Sailplane stopped by for a few turns. A couple clouds midway through the flight looked a little big, but nothing to worry about..... until the lightning and thunder! Then a fire started (on a later flight I will show the burned area)
This flight ends up my best FAI of the season. Also max alt for the season 14,441' - Smoke just got worse the rest of the peak of the season. Thanks for the tow!

5hrs 44 min
The date is in the title :shock: :wink: 7-28-18
Under the video in the description area I usually put the link to the tracklog / flight details (you have to open in youtube rather then just playing it in the window in the post here to see it)
https://www.dhv-xc.de/leonardo/index.ph ... ID=1027566
Windlord wrote:
Sun Dec 02, 2018 1:04 pm
Very nice Mike. :thumbsup: Great flight with some beautiful skies and being able to share it with a sailplane, at least for a short period of time. Thumbs-up to the ground crew also.
Thanks. Its always fun to get to share with them. Its normally short lived and they rocet off. Man they are fast!
They are great!!

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