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Great looking day. Some hail (that hurts :roll: ) after the 2nd turnpoint.
Some rain between the 3rd turnpoint and the LZ. It moved past by the time I got there but there was some out flow the changed the wind 90° from what it was. Chunky coming in.
All and all a really memorable flight!

I think Mike flies an all Dacron sail VR. I have the same set up and while flying Cape Cod, Ma. a few years back some rain cells came through off and on. As the beach was right below me wherever I was soaring, I had a quick descent possibility all of the time. With this in mind I stayed aloft to see how the glider fared as it progressively became wetter. To my pleasure it still flew comfortably even though I could see the entire airframe and the ribs through the soaked sail (while frequently having to wipe my goggles :) I would NOT recommend doing this in ANY sail that has or is Mylar however, as said sails seem to "collect" water, resulting in what seems to be altering the desired flying characteristics quite noticeably ....My 2 cents, John S.
Charlie Romeo wrote:
Sun Dec 02, 2018 4:37 am
Gutsy fly Mike, well done. Those clouds were very dynamic, i'm glad you only got a nip and not a bite! :) If the Atos gets wet does it develop Mr Hyde tendencies as do most non dacron gliders? Col..
The forecast "said" it would be ok :wink: Thanks.
Mine an Mia's are all dacron. Martin has the technora.
Any laminate glider is going to get grumpy when wet.

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