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A poor forcast /rest day 7... . Today is the last day of the comp, i was pissed off and upset after landing to finish the comp in such a poor way, forgive the hot headed remarks... In hindsight and especially after putting these day edits together i soon got my smile on my dial. Col...

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By Windlord
:shock: Oh my! They definitely were dropping like flies. I guess Mother Nature was dictating, enough is enough.
At least you gave it go and can take this years experience onto the next comp. Thanks for the daily edit Charlie. :thumbsup:
Thanks Windlord, i'm glad you enjoyed them. I appreciate those pilots that post daily during a comp, i certainly couldn't from my tent! I also was turning the Gopro on and off to try to fit all the days on a large SD card. Now their finally posted, my wife can have a conversation with me! I reckon i achieved my goal of some quality airtime and good times, this ole body lasted through thanks to my more user friendly sports glider... Maybe next year, enjoy your life mate.... Col. :)
Thanks for posting.

Not all comp days are epic and quite a few leave me cursing / learning. There is a certain amount of exoneration if having a bunch of pilots land in the same spot. They couldn't make it work either. It's far tougher to be the guy on the ground watching his friends fly overhead at 5,000 ft.

I agree Lucky-Chevy, some pilots have a lot of trouble keeping Dr Jeklle at bay when their peers do better :roll: I've realised the older I've gotten , the more sanguine I am ....most of the time, :lol: and yes Dan, I too enjoy the editing, creating a "mood"or a story is a late night ,can't stop now thing...My usual musical taste is chill/ambient type, which my wife dislikes and maybe many others, but it works for the way I want to feel watching hg....It would be a boring world if we were all the same? Good luck with your flying..Col.

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