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Good blue day, shut off before I could get back across the lake though.
Tow meister Mia found and excellent LZ!
It's so good having such great ground support.
I can not say thank you enough!!


Have you no respect for us pilots who are looking at wind-blown snow on our mountain launches?
For g*d's sake man.
And then you have the near-perfect woman not only trapsing all over the country-side for your flying arse, but then she picks the perfect landing area, and has the presense of mind to kick up the dust for you?!? Come on!
Stop it already.

I hear ya! We are rained, snowed, low cloud base screwed around here for the next 4 months!

That was Mia, Martin's wife. (My GF wasn't there that day) She is also a rigid pilot. 8) Also holds some world records! Yes, she can kick some dirt let me tell you :-o
Its great to be in such good company.

(I have to tell you, there are a few more videos coming :roll:

I do have a close call with a lightning strike.... :shock: if that helps :wink:
DMarley wrote:
Wed Nov 28, 2018 11:18 am
May I suggest you practice your cross-wind landings?.... then some of us might have something to sympathize with you....
or perhaps not.


Keep 'em coming!
I loathe your vids, Mike!

I fly with drop streamers. 4" wide metallic material. 8' is red, 8' is silver.
A weight at the red end. the Key is the weight, too heavy it piles, too light it will drift a lot.
It lays out, dont land to the red end :thumbsup:
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