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Been back a week from the SE Qld comp and I finally got the video from day 1 up...So why was it for me such fun? Camping for 8 days and no tv?, the Qld pilots who I joined their team were like old friends I've known for years?, was it after day3 when I realised my lower a/r sports glider very often had a circling advantage over any topless,[don't ask about the glide away] :roll: , must have been the weather?.. maybe the sparkling cold alcoholic cider in the fridge of our pickup 4wd which I developed a taste for?....being well over 60 and knowing to enjoy the moment, I don't know but I was glad I went.... :thumbsup:

Thanks Windlord, yes mate you have to climb before you can glide and the handling and circling diameter of the Sting3 was great. A very user friendly area more so as you fly westwards....It was so dry before the rain here :(
Thanks Chris, you are a pilot showing us the best side of human nature....best wishes always with your recovery :)
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