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By dmt3339
My guess is that if they worked to even a small degree they would be a lot more popular and on the market.

I have never seen one myself but doubt it works.

Dave T.
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By CHassan
Didn't they try to sense temp dfference?
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By DocSoc
If you recall back when I posted info on Thermal devices I'll find the thread, someone talked about these and that they were very difficult to use, and that it just wasn't worth the effort, now the question is are they real, and I would have to say yes since a guy actually had one, and do they work, well that depends on the dude using it....


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By Wingspan34
I've seen one, used one, lost one. They are/were interesting gizmos. They did or do exist. I had one a year ago, but knocked it off my down tube, and with no lanyard, it's now sitting somewhere in the woods up on Mossy Bank. :(

All it did was measure tiny differences in temperature (+ & -). P Voight and I, when it first came out, did a little test with it. I stuck my hand, and the thermal snooper, out the window of a moving car. The Thermal Snooper would go off as we drove through relatively warmer or colder air, beeping or booping . The thing is, my skin registered the difference before the Thermal Snooper did. :?

That being said, it does react differently than a vario, which to me, is interesting all by itself. I was in the process of analyzing whether it had any advantages over or even if it could compliment the use of a vario alone. Before I could figure it out, I lost mine. P Voight still has one. He could prove they exist, but he's not a member here, as far as I know.

If flyhigh013 were still at home in Ellenville, NY he could maybe get a picture (being Mr. Voight's son) but alas, he's now somewhere in Utah.
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By designbydave
I don't think any machine will ever be able to replace 30 years of thermaling experience. Finding thermals seems to be about much more than just temperature differences and rising air. Its a matter of using all senses, and a bit of luck to find them.
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By Jeff OBrien
Ask Peter Birren about the snooper. He's probably got the greatest amount of experience with the snooper. I believe he flies with one still.
By noman
your vario is a thermal sniffer and so is ur control bar and so is ur drift and so is the bird circling below and so is the water and so are the trees i think dave said it best time in the seat makes u the pilot a thermal sniffer not some new fangeld walkman.as my friend little willy said the more u fly the better u get :shock:
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By FBickford
When I was starting out I wondered if you could feel warm air. In my experience so far there are thermal days when you can feel the temp difference of rising and sinking air and days when you can't.

I want a garmin gps with xm satellite that can receive real time info from one of those new weather satellites they put up a couple years ago for xc. Then I can really get in trouble. :crazy:

The best flying instrument you can ever own is in your head. :thumbsup:
By day dreamer
does putting foil on your helmet work? :mosh: :mrgreen:
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By Radwhacker
day dreamer wrote:does putting foil on your helmet work? :mosh: :mrgreen:
I tried that, but every time I flew in front of a microwave dish my head starting arcing.

I don't think there was any permanent dain bramage tho.
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By HangDiver
My thermal snooper is the guy who launched in front of me. :chair:
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By Spark
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By FBickford
This thermal snooper could be beneficial for detecting lifting air in shear or convergence...? How does it produce a reading? Just beeps and boops or numbers? Do you turn it on and off for a refresh?

My experience with convergences so far is you don't really acquire a mental image of the lifting air like you can topping out a thermal. Convergence flying is more just trying to stay in lift no matter what direction you're going. I guess you could get an image of it if you are able cover a large area and "see" the lift at different altitudes as well.
Can't be everywhere at the same time either.

The E-Team knows about convergence!
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By Spark
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By day dreamer
HangDiver wrote:My thermal snooper is the guy who launched in front of me. :chair:
Nice! at my site,being the newbie,I am the test dummy.And i suppose that these are not the best thermal snoopers?
wind chimes.jpg
wind chimes.jpg (3.7 KiB) Viewed 7046 times
By day dreamer
Cause if they are not,then i'm taking mine off this weekend. :goodidea:
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By FBickford
Thanks for the pic Spark!

see you Saturday the meeting has been moved up to 9:30 to allow for the 10:30 thermals, or you guys can just please talk louder so I can hear what your saying in the meeting while I'm high-siding a thermal?

:shock: :thumbsup:
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