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By blindrodie
Hay Preston, it's called "classifieds" on the left there... 8)
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By steve prater
south, east and northeast sides Mt Nebo, Ar
Mt Magazine, Ar
Petit Jean, Ar
Jasper, Ar
Tow road @ Victoria, Ar. ( I launched . I landed )
Tow road @ Parkin, Ar
Buffalo Mt, Ok
Red Oak, Ok ( Butch's front yard )
Heavener, Ok ( site of the 1977 US HG Championships )
Whitwell, Tn
the famous ramp on the TTT club property Dunlap, Tn
Lookout Mountain Flight Park, Ga
Walaby, Fl. ( AT lessons )
Dry Canyon, NM
By rohayes
all my flying has been in queensland. Have car-towed out at Hughenden, (scary) as well as Eungella, The Rex lookout and the Gillies in FNQ. Dream to be able to fly Yosemite one day. With the dollar being so strong, might be soon. Bob
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By sam kellner
Great topic!

At the age of 24, first time ever in any "airplane", ordered a Seagull 3, $465., ok'd by one of the then Houston instructors, never knew who. Drove to San Antonio and picked up the glider at a freight depot, brought it home and assembled it in the yard.

Itusco Ranch '74
Boyles Ranch
Lover's Leap, Junction
SantaAna mesa
Baldy, GarnerPark
49R Leakey
Lewis air field

Little Black
Escape Country
Lake Elsinore
Torrey '76-85
Blossom Valley
SanAntonio, Baja

Millington River banks

Petit Jean '76

Guadalupes @ Queen

Lookout Mtn. Flight Park


Never thought I'd see anyone list the Missippi River banks at Millington, but someone already did! Thanks again for the topic. Let's see more.

Sam #16016
SW Texas Hang Gliders
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By mapjim
- Groton, on an abandoned ski hill, top to bottom (100') on my first day of H1 training, good strong launch, followed by pushing out too much, mushing, drifting into the trees to the right, then back over the slope for a belly landing at the bottom

UK...(after getting a slower progression EP and CP)...

South Downs, southeast England:
- Devils Dyke
- Firle
- Bo Peep
- Swanborough
- hang waiting at Caburn (a 300' walk up)

Marlborough Downs, south-central England:
- Milk Hill

Peak District, north-central England:
- hang waiting at Eyam's Edge


Algodonales, southern Spain:
- Lijar
- hang waiting at another site fifteen miles west

Ager, Pyrenees (northern Spain):
- Coll d'Ares


- Chorges (east of Gap)
- Laragne, lower south launch

In two weeks, hopefully:

-Bassano (Monte Grappa)

Hard to pick a favourite, because many were quite cool. Ager was quite nice, a picturesque Spanish village on a hill with a church at the top, which I got to circle over the steeple of (no lift right then alas, but still fun). Also a monastery built against a cliff down below launch...also fun to fly over, in part because it did have good lift often. And a lovely canyon at the west end of the ridge, and two observatories to fly over (one for tourists, one presumably real), and a car wreck just under the peak east of launch, and a hungry but calm vulture that liked to hang around launch and taste flying equipment. Lovely evening soaring flights sometimes, in addition to the usual thermal day flights.
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By Fred Wilson
Redbeard wrote:i know we have gained some new members lately :mosh: ...anybody else have a list?
My Top Ten Scenic Foreign Flying Sites:

1. Manilla NSW - mine was the very 1st launch there, and I went 100 miles. :thumbsup:
2. Long Reef Northern Beaches, Sydney NSW :shock: :thumbsup:
3. Lake George (Collector) Capitol Territory
4. Mt. Tamborine Queensland

Greece http://www.hang-gliding.gr/diafora/apog ... oseis.html
5. Kalavrita
6. Santorini. (I launched above the Roman Ruins, looking towards the Acrotiri Thera Ruins.)
- I landed on a beach on the eastern shore, in the midst of the biggest / best (locals) beach party ever. :thumbsup:

7. Monte Cucco

8. Isle of Skye

9. Puli

10. Hallein Tyrol - Long time ago now... Met a very young Xavier Murillo. Very memorable.
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By jjcote
Fred Wilson wrote: 6. Santorini. (I launched above the Roman Ruins, looking towards the Acrotiri Thera Ruins.) :thumbsup:
That was the first place I ever saw a hang glider in person. I was hanging out on Perivolos Beach in April of 1988, and some Scottish guy landed nearby, having launched from the mountain.
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By Hangskier
In chronological order: Some only once, others many times.

Lake Alfred, Fl
Wallaby Ranch, FL
Quest, FL
Unnamed Lake, FL
Jockeys Ridge KHK, NC
Currituck, NC
Big Walker Mt, VA
Blue Sky, VA

Really want to get out West sometime.
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By jjcote
jjcote wrote:Morningside, NH
West Rutland, VT
Talcott Mt., CT
Ellenville, NY
The Pulpit, PA
Wellfleet, MA
Mohawk Trail, MA
Brace Mt., NY
High Point, WV
Mt. Ascutney, VT
In the four years since I posted that, I can add:
Plymouth, MA
Petersburg Pass, NY
Mt. Greylock, MA
Skinner, MA
Burke, VT
Utsayantha, NY
Hinesburg, VT
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By TomGalvin
TomGalvin wrote:Some farm near Rappahanock, Virginia
Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
Ellenville, New York
Kehonkson, New York
Dockweiler Beach, California
Brace Mountain, New York

I need to get busy adding to that list.
I did not exactly get busy, but I didn't quite slouch the past five years.

Utsayantha, New York (NE,SW,NW launches)
West Rutland, Vermont
Seascape Inn, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Mancos, Colorado
Ute Pass, Colorado
Villa Grove, Colorado
Curtis Ranch, Colorado
Continental Divide Lake City, Colorado
Cedar Hill, New Mexico
Dry Canyon, New Mexico
Point of the Mountain(SS), Utah
Camels, Utah
Torrey Pines, California
Crestline, California
Lake McClure, California
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By flybop
This has been a great thread. I have learned that I need to get out more. Got my H2 in the summer of 2011.

So far: Various training hills in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

King Mountain. Lower launch and Coyote. (Coyote was first mountain launch, lower first soaring flight.)

Sand Turn in Wyoming


Hog Back north and south

Daly lake



East Ridge (Butte)

Fort Smith (Still need to soar this one)

Sites I have been to but never flew because of conditions: Waterloo, Bull Mtn, Grassy Knob, King Upper

Hopefully there will be more added in 2013!
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By piano_man
Wow great thread. Here's my sites flown list - in the order I flew them.

Sao Conrado, Rio, Brazil
Pigeon, GA
Whitwell, TN
Mt. Tam, CA
Wild Cattle, CA
Knob, CA
Alternators, CA
Henson's Gap, TN
Wallaby Ranch, FL
Mt. Nebo, AR
Quest Air, FL
Chilhowee, TN
Menlo, GA
Bell Mt., GA
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By ChattaroyMan
Chrome Mtn (Beartooth Mtns), MT
Hogback - Livingston, MT
Iron Mtn (Beartooth Mtns), MT
Picket Pin Mtn (Beartooth Mtns), MT
Mt. Rae (Beartooth Mtns), MT
Grassy Knob (Beartooth Mtns), MT
Dryhead Overlook - East Pryor Mtn, MT
South Mocassin Mtn, MT
Bull Mtns (Balloon Drop), MT
Big Pryor Mtn, MT/WY
Medicine Wheel, Bighorn Mtns, WY
Sand Turn, WY
Red Grade (near Sheridan), WY
Billings Rims, MT
Coyote, MT
Two Bear Ridge, MT
Garrity Mtn, MT
Lookout Mtn, CO
Crawfords, UT
Inkler's Point, WA
Devils Gap, WA
Parker Mtn, WA
Franson Peak, WA
Flagstaff Mtn, WA
Little Vulcan Mtn, WA
Signal Point, ID/WA
Tekoa Mtn, WA
Steptoe Butte, WA
Eagle Mtn, WA
Wrights Mtn, WA
Slim Pickens, WA
High Drive, WA
Sundance Mtn, ID
Canfield Mtn, ID
Slide Mtn, NV
Torrey Pines, CA
Fort Funston, CA
Palmdale, CA
Byron Bay - Australia
Ingessana Hills, Sudan
Hartbeespoort Dam, South Africa
I love flying new places! :drool:
Oooops - realized I posted earlier - this is an old thread! The added ones from earlier to now are all new to my site list. Hope I add as many new ones in 2013. I need to fly in Oregon! Haven't done that yet!
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By dave hopkins
mariam's crater flagstaff az
A- mt tuszon
carr canyon- pipe launch
4 other sites around, tucson
waldo mt frankfort, maine
mosquito mt frankfort, me
great pond mt orland, me
cadillac mt, Bar harbor, me
tunk mt, me
peaked mt ,me
Megunticook mt camden ,me
Whitecap mt Rumford, me, set st record, 68 mis
mt will ,rumford ,Me
Owen's valley
Piute, Gunter, Flines, Walt's point, Alabama hills, lee vining
reno- slide mt
susanville ca
all lakeview OR sites, 6 sugar , blackcap, Aberts rim, summer lake,?, ?
Plus 5 sites in the surprise valley ca. Eagleville, Hays range, cedarville, lake city 2
OR, Doretyslide , Steens mts.
Ca> Funston , Mt tam, Mission, Ed levin , mt diablo, Hull, st john ,Mcclures, Dunlap, Toll house. and a few bandito site around the bay area.
Fl > Quest , Wallaby.
Lookout mt, Whitwell, Henson's gap > tenn st record, 135 mis, Raccoon mt Se and SW
NY area> Ellenville> ny ,st record 201mis
Utsayantha , Hancock, Deposit, Harris hill, Indian cliffs, Katydid.
Morningside, NH ,
Greylock ,mass
West rutland, Vt.
Ar > magazine mt , Mt Nebo
CO > Villa Grove , Dinosaur
ID > King Mt
Ut.> POM
Those are the ones that come to mind.

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By dave hopkins
jjcote wrote:Is Cadillac still flyable?
No .......... I flew it a couple of times Once bandido, and once official.

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By Cal Glider
Marriam Crater (my first soaring flight)
The Gin (just because it is close to home)
Horse canyon
Shaw Butte
Torrey Pines(back in the day when it was not crowded)
Little Black mtn (location of my only crash in 43 years of flying)
Big black mtn
Lots of hills and mountains that have no names and places no one else has ever flown. The first two or three decades of flying were so very smokey that places and names are blurred.
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By kjj3dan
I flew(?) off my roof with a bed sheet in Chino,Calif. when I was 10,does that count?
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