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By bobk
Nothing remarkable, but it's fun to read through all the others to remind me of where I've flown. It's also fun to see so many new places yet to fly!!

Cape Kiwanda
Big Sur
Avenue S.
Torrey Pines
Hensen's Gap
The Bump
La Salina
King Mountain
PoM (N & S)
Stockton Bar
Fort Funston
The Dump (PG only)
Blossom (PG only)
Little Black (PG only)
Otay Mesa (PG only)
Oceanside (PG only)

Cool topic!! :thumbsup:

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By cnesmith
Little Mountain, San Bernardino
Guadalupe Sand Dunes
Dillon Beach
Usal Ridge
Pitney Ridge
Sonoma Mountain
Rincon Beach
Hull Mountain
Elk Mountain
Big Sur
Mesa, Santa Barbara
Gil Ranch Road, Platform, scooter, and static wench towing
Sierraville, Platform Towing
Little Black Mtn
Mt Laguna
Vista Point, Palm Desert
Ord Mtn
Marina Beach
Slide Mtn
Hat Creek
Ed Levin

Really too bad Dillon is gone but I probably could not hike it up the sand dune anymore anyway, at least I certainly would not even try. Guadalupe was fun throwing gliders on dune buggies and shuttling up the huge dunes there, Marina wins the WTF is the flying site award, Big Sur for scenery and poison oak, Vista Point for wuffos, gnarly terrain, and tiny turbulent LZ, Soboba for steepest glide to LZ, Crestline for convenience and consistent thermal and ridge soaring., and Funston for landing surprises.

Fun memory exercise.
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By Spark
Cloudhopper wrote:Spark

El Cap???? No s***! Do tell!
Whoops ... sorry, can't talk about that one except around the camp fire. It was one (of several) dumbass choices made over 30 years ago.
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Cloudhopper--- Where's Tekoe ridge at in idaho?

Spark-- Thought you got a flight from Mt. Harrison?
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By Spark
BRP wrote:Cloudhopper--- Where's Tekoe ridge at in idaho?

Spark-- Thought you got a flight from Mt. Harrison?
Hey Blaine ... naw, we missed it. We camped on top and the winds the next day were super light. Found a couple launches. What a fantastic site! I've gotta go back. Frank G was busy doing Declo days or he could have advised us..
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By Cloudhopper
My bad... Tekoe is in Washington. Flew there in 1980 on my way to the Nationals in Ellenville.
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By ChattaroyMan
Cloudhopper wrote:My bad... Tekoe is in Washington. Flew there in 1980 on my way to the Nationals in Ellenville.
Here's Tekoa (I hope I attached the GE placemark OK). I haven't flown there in 30 years! Hope to get my feet off the ground there again this spring/summer.
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By SkyPilot
LMFP Small Hill
LMFP Big Hill

I was going to include a Google Earth track but due to the resolution the flight path appears as a dot.

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By jimrooney
Magic Mountain in Omarama New Zealand.
World renowned wave soaring.
There is absolutely nothing like Omarama... top site, by a long shot.
Even the "lesser" Omarama area sites rule the earth.

Bunch of other NZ places...
All the Coronet Range sites (most consistent)
Cecil Peak (helli-access only)
Remarkables Peak (helli/hike/road.. stunning)
Bowen Peak (easiest access)
Sandy Mount (dune soaring)
Kingston (acrofest 4x4only)
Trebel Cone (sweet sweet Wanaka)
Some sites up in Nelson
Bunch of Dunedin sites and misc scattered sites around the South Island.

The usual CA suspects... Marshal/Crestline, Kagel, Tam, Funston, etc.
Phoenix, FL (Quest/FLRidge, the dunes), Lookout, KHK,
Most of the DC area sites,
All the East-PA/NY/NJ sites.
Woodstock and Ellenville top the NY/DC area mountain list.
"Gary's Beach" is one of my current favorites... just cuz it's a damn cool coastal soaring site.

Gotta throw in a special note for Highland Aerosports and Eastern Shore Hanggliding.

Site most keen to go to... Beer in India.
Owen makes it sound like heaven.
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By Rob McKenzie
sand hills, dundas ontario
sydenham bridge, dundas
christie dam, dundas
middleton road, dundas
chedoke ski area, hamilton, ontario
kings forest park, hamilton
chikopee ski area, kitchener, ontario
baden hill, waterloo, ontario
sand hills,(houghton?) shore of lake erie, ontario
georgian peaks, ontario
cochrane, AB
fairmont hot springs, BC
Eagle hill, BC
Mt swansee, BC
Mt 7, BC
Mt St Hilair, Quebec
Glen Mt, Quebec
Mt St Gregoire, Quebec
Mt Bruno, Quebec
St Julie, Quebec
Centennial Hill, Toronto
High Perspective, near Toronto (step towing)
King Mt, Ottawa
Mt Blanc, Quebec
St Saveur, Quebec
Saint Lazarre, Quebec
Mt Yamaska, Quebec
Saint Faustin, Quebec
Saint Jovite, Quebec
Mt Tremblant, Quebec
Tadoussac, Quebec
La Tuque, Quebec,
Chibougamau, Quebec
(many thanks to my second dad,an early HG builder for Quebec sites)
Mt St Pierre, Quebec
Roche Perce, Quebec
Mt McKay, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Loch Lomond, Thunder Bay
Mt Norway, Thunder bay
Dockweiller Los Angeles, California
Elsinore, E and Edwards
Nichols Rd, Elsinore
Pepper Ave CA
Kendall drive training hills San berdo, CA
Crestline, Marshall, Cloud, Towers, Pine Flat, et al
Cucamonga, CA
Ord. CA
Kagel, Sylmar, CA
Ave S, CA
Ave L, CA
Bear Valley (near Tehachapi) CA
El Mirage CA (towing aero and ATOL and foot launch)
Davis Rd, CA (ATOL)
Glen Helen CA (atol)
Rabbit Lake, CA (atol)
Custer Ave, Lucerne, CA
Camp Rock Rd, CA (atol)
Cuddeback Lake (atol)
Big Pine, CA (atol)
Haystack, Owens, CA (atol)
Tonopah NV (atol)
Tohoka, Texas (atol)
Big Sur CA(several launch areas)
Dunlap, CA
Tollhouse, CA
Ant Hill, Bakersfield, CA.
Marina Beach, CA
Sand City, CA
Tracy Airport, CA (atol)
Sled Heaven, CA
La Cumbre, Santa Barbara
The mesa (elings park?) Santa Barbara
Yosemite, CA
Gunter, CA
Piute, CA
Flynn, CA
Walts Point, CA
Slide Mt, NV
McLellan, NV
Big Southern Butte, Arco, ID
Point of the Mt, south and north sides, UT
Mountain Green, UT (aerotow)
Simi Valley, CA
Soboba, CA
Winchester, CA
The Bump, Temecula, CA
Horse Canyon, CA
Torrey Pines, CA
Salt Creek, CA
La Salina, Mexico
Hidden Valley, CA
Bell Towers, CA
Perris Airport, CA (atol)
Newport Rd, CA (atol)
Gilman Springs Rd, CA
Mentone, CA
Kellar Peak, CA (yes, launched there)
"The Source", seven oaks, CA
Lake Matthews, CA
Sun Summit Dr, Riverside, CA
Blue Mt, CA
Box Springs, Rd, CA
Desert Hot Springs, CA (atol)
Copper Lake, CA (atol)
Hwy 18 and Sheep Creek Rd, CA (atol)
Vista Pt, CA.
Mt Wilson, CA
Parker Mt, CA
Pt Fermin, CA
Palos Verdes, CA
Catalina Airport, (hiked a PG 1/2 mile west, does that count) CA
Teluride, CO,
Lookout Mt, Denver, CO
My Ascutney, VT,
Morningside NH
Kill Devil Hills, NC
Beach site ~3 miles south of Kitty Hawk, NC.
Cape Cod, (that motel south of P-town)
LMFP, GA (only aerotow, in the rain)
Quest Air FL
Wallaby FL
Florida Ridge
Stanwell Park, Australia
Hill 50, outh of Stanwell, Australia (and several other low beach sites nearby)
cup running over, Earth. :mosh:
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By fakeDecoy

Some other places I think, but I don't remember...
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By bdoets
Well, here are some sites from out of USA then...
I omitted winch- and aerotowing launches. Topographic location isn't much of an item there.
I also omitted some coal heaps that we used to fly in the seventies, that don't exist anymore...

Le Treh, France
Planpraz, Chamonix, France
Grand Montet, Chamonix
Cap Blanc Nez, France
Westenschouwen, NL
Fellering, France
Nideggen, Germany
Puy de Dôme, France
Dune de Pyla, France
Hochplatte, Germany
Bergen aan Zee, NL
Castricum, NL
IJmuiden, NL
Tegelberg, Germany
Tannheim, Austria
St. Hilaire, France
Col du Coq, France
Blaenevon, UK
Abertysswg, UK
Thonon, France
Hahnbaumalm, Austria
Skt. Johann, Austria
Bergenbach, France
Ballon d'Alsace, France
Hochreith, Austria
Zielreith, Austria
Le Forclaz, France
Salève, Switzerland / France
Sept Meuses. Belgium
Zoutelande, NL
Schneppfenried, France
Rothenbachkopf, France
Chancia, France
Mont du Chat, France
Lachens, France
Neumagen, Germany
Ager, Spain
Brunas, France
Puncho d'Agast, France
Col de Sappenay, France
Hippach, Austria
Ranspach, France
St. André-les-Alpes, France
Valpelouse, France
Laragne, France
Sederon, France
Séranne, France
Pic d'Andan, France
Fiesch, Switzerland
Aspres, France
Annecy, France
Loudenvielle, France
Slufter, NL
Kanfen, France
Col Bas, France
St. Vincent, France
Noordwijk, NL
Castejon de Sos, Spain
Maasvlakte NE dune, NL
Clamontard, France
Mt. Chouvé, Job, France
Thorame, France
Grand Ventron, France
Le Rozel, France
Castricum, NL
Arangoïti, Spain
Veauville, France
Hippach, Austria
Tre Pizzi, Italy
Monte Cucco, Italy
Monte Pelegrini, Italy
Greifenburg, Austria
Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Tolmin, Slovenia
Kovk, Slovenia
Kennedy, France
Samoëns, France
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By Jongo
Here they are, in sequential order, and I enoyed all of them.

1. Yanchep, Australia
2. Lancellin, Australia
3. Myalup, Australia
4. Mutton Bird Island, Australia
5. Lowlands Beach, Australia
6. Meckering, Australia
7. Bluff Knoll, Australia
8. Mount Rennie, Australia
9. Burn's Beach, Australia
10. Quairading, Australia
11. Warnboro, Australia
12. Yanchep Beach, Australia
13. Back Beach, Albany, Australia
14. Shelley's Beach, Australia
15. York, Australia
16. The Bowl, Australia
17. Lake Monger, Australia
18. Mount Bakewell, Australia
19. Sand Patch, Australia
20. Carrabin, Australia
21. Mount Nameless West, Australia
22. Mount Nameless East, Australia
23. Warnboro South, Australia
24. Murmungee, Australia
25. Mount Buffaloe, Australia
26. Mount Elliot, Australia
27. Forresters, Australia
28. Crackneck, Australia
29. Merewether, Australia
30. Middle Brother, Australia
31. Byron Bay Lookout, Australia
32. Beechmont, Australia
33. Tallows, Australia
34. Monty's, Australia
35. Stanwell Park, Australia
36. Narembeen, Australia
37. Keira, Australia
38. Hill 60, Australia
39. Mitamatite, Australia
40. Everton, Australia
41. York East, Australia
42. Gin Gin, Australia
43. Whale World, Australia
44. Kulin, Australia
45. Dalwallinu, Australia
46. Andelsbuch, Austria
47. Oetz, Austria
48. Koessen, Austria
49. Ruhpolding, Germany
50. Hohe Salve, Austria
51. Landek, Austria
52. Garmich, Germany
53. Tegelberg, Germany
54. Fiesch, Switzerland
55. Laragne, France
56. Saint Andre, France
57. Cunderdin, Australia
58. Frenchman's Bay, Australia
59. Flyns, USA
60. Kagel Mountain, USA
61. Lake Elsinore, USA
62. Horseshoe Meadows, USA
63. Slide Mountain, USA
64. Dinosaur, USA
65. Alternator, USA
66. Marina, USA
67. Waddell Creek, USA
68. Fort Funston, USA
69. Yosemite, USA
70. Point of Mountain, North, USA
71. Point of Mountain, South, USA
72. Telluride, USA
73. Crested Butte, USA
74. Willow, USA
75. Mingas Mountain, USA
76. El Pinion, Mexico
77. Valle de Bravo, Mexico
78. Torrey Pines, USA
79. Cedar City, USA
80. Pinjarra, Australia
81. Dingo's, Australia
82. Mandurah, Australia
83. Toodjay, Australia
84. Horrocks, Australia
85. Wongan Hills, Australia
86. Leighton, Australia
87. Bindoon, Australia
88. Forbes SE, Australia
89. Forbes ENE, Australia
90. Mount Anything, Australia
91. Forbes West, Australia
92. Back Beach, Bunbury, Australia
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By Tigouille
(laragne , st andré, monaco-long ago, menez hom, couhé, limoges; argentat, puy de dome and around, job-ambert...)
(ager, castejon, lumbier, caceres...)
( serra de estrella, montalegre,..)
By old newbie
Everywhere I have launched.

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By W89rnr
Jokey's Ridge, outer banks NC
Woodstock, VA
BlueSky Flight Park, Manquin, VA
Currituck County Airport, currituck NC
Ellenville, NY
Tobacco Row, Amherst VA
By prestonwood9
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