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By ifly4funn
I can think of a better time or place for us to go and compete, and just have some funn!
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By Redbeard
i know we have gained some new members lately :mosh: ...anybody else have a list?
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By Avnav8r
Here's my list:

*I-240 North side of Memphis-training sites when they were building the Interstate back in the mid-late 70's *Frayser Drive-In theatre(Memphis)-40 ft. bluff where I crashed and burned while my observing parents were being drained of blood by mosquitos *River Bend near Millington, Tennessee. 120 ft. bluff on the Miss. River, very soarable in NE winds
*Fish Gap, Tennessee
*Ridgely, Tenn-static line tow site
*Ripley, Tenn-static line tow site
* Petit Jean Mt. Arkansas
* Nebo, Arkansas
*Magazine Mt., Arkansas
*Short Mt., Arkansas
*Mayflower, Arkansas-200 ft. hill where I saw Kenny Brown catch a thermal and took it to 5 Grand
*Roger's Ridge, Arkansas
*Secret Site, Arkansas
*Heavener, Oklahoma
*Rudy's Ridge, Alabama
*Walker, Alabama
*Enid Dam, Mississippi
*Kitty Hawk, NC
*Sauratown Mt., NC
*Pinnacle Mt., NC
*Glassy Mt. SC
*LMFP, Georgia
*Wallaby Ranch, Florida
*Raccoon Mt., TN
*Henson's Gap, TN
*Whitwell, TN
*Sheba Crater, Arizona
*Shaw Butte, Phoenix
*Antelope Hills, AZ
*Elings Park, Santa Barbara, CA
*Comanche Point, California
* The Anthill, Bakersfield, CA
*The Alternator, Santa Barbara, CA
*Marina State Beach, CA
* El Rancho, CA
*Point of the Mountain, South Side, Draper, Utah
***Telluride, CO- I was set up to fly but a huge T-storm came through with lightning, rain, hail and snow. I didn't get to fly but had 10+ people under my glider hoping we would get struck by a Big ole bolt.
There are probably one or two I have left out, but my all time favorite site is Point of the Mountain, South Side and one of my most memorable flights was at Sheba Crater-incredible views, nice glass off and at sunset, a coyote's howl to add a Western flavor.

John Stokes
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By selbaer
Sequatchie Valley, TN
Wallaby Ranch, FL

I hope to add LMFP his year.
Three or four years ago I drove down o the Florida Ridge but it was too windy to fly.
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By ifly4funn
Aww com'on John,,,, you need to expand your horizons, hahaha.
Wendy has her Dad and Stepmom coming in on the 23td this month.We were thinking that your bird show would be great, along with other attractions around here. Are you doing the "Bird" show anywhere this time of year. Enquiring minds want to know???? :popcorn:
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By Avnav8r
Hey Ray,

Our next birds of prey program that falls within that time period is at Dale Hollow State Park in Kentucky on January 26th. We start our Rock City programs for a 10 day span in March around the 20th. As always, anybody can check our blogspot (which Ray help us set up) at: www.soarsouth.blogspot.com Hey Ray, maybe I'll see you back at Lookout in the next week or so.

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By ifly4funn
My new race harness is in the garage just waiting on a fly day, and for me to be off to enjoy it. We need to get in the air together next we meet!
By noman
walts piont
king mountain
mt st jhons
mt diablo
black eagle
sonora pass
cloud buster
copper mt
slide mt
ed leven
greely hill
don pedro
black cap
wood rat
big sur
the dumps at sf
lol my cousins house
bird road
modesto res
lol robs house
chicken ranch road
the new training hill great se ridge
suger hill
fandango pass
and a few i cant name or i would have 2 kill u :shock:
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By torombolo
Here are some from Puerto Rico, the video is from Cubuy, PR
Some pics from Arecibo, PR, these are not mine.
Arecibo Torre.jpg
Arecibo Torre.jpg (22.66 KiB) Viewed 7054 times
Arecibo Ramp.jpg
Arecibo Ramp.jpg (30.67 KiB) Viewed 7054 times
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By i8godzilla
In no real order (except for the first three)

Lake Chiemsee (some Ski Resort Hocheck - Germany)
St. Petersburg Hill, Nuremnberg
Illishiem, Germany
Some training hill in VA (I put it in the log book as a cow pasture)
Kitty Hawk (Jockey's Ridge)
Currituck Airport
Packsaddle, TX
Murchison MS, TX
Tow, TX
Big Spring, TX
Grayson County Airport, TX
Hearne Airport, TX
Gladewater Airport, TX
Leakey, TX
Buffalo Mt., OK
Heavner, OK
The Florida Ridge
Indian Creek Airpark, TX

Not as many places as I'd like................ :cuss:

Fly High!

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By DBrose
Heres mine.
Humboldt County...sites.
the dunes, Eureka Ca
Mattole, Ca
Table Bluff, Ca
Shelter Cove, Ca
The vista point, Mckinleyville, Ca
other Cali. sites and such.
Santa Barbara
Indian Valley
Hat Creek
Big sur

Shelter Cove shot....Humboldt county style...on some days in humboldt we get high.
shelter.jpg (39.15 KiB) Viewed 7014 times
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By Redbeard
i got to add 2 sites to my list...and more to come.
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By Skyhighwoman

There are plenty more new pilots here where have you flown?

By day dreamer
Ed Levin
Don Pedro
Rob's house
Shotgun hill
Point of the Mountain
New J.
in that order. :mrgreen:
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By bsquare
Miscelleneous lakes - central Florida
Chamonix France - near mont blanc
Wallaby Ranch
Florida Ridge
Kitty Hawk Kites
Somewhere near Tuscon - training hill
Whitewater WI
By Strand
All are in California, and in order since I started in 2006:

Avenue S
Pine Flatts
Big Sur

I'd be interested to hear if any of the San Bernardino pilots have launched Pine. I went on a group trip with Joe Greblo last summer to Ord, but we only got sled runs. He suggested checking out Marshal. When we got there, Waterman Road was just being closed by the CHP for a fatal accident, which closed off Marshall for us. Randomly, Joe says that some time back in the 70's (or maybe 80's) they launched from Pine Flatts, so we headed that direction. Magically, he finds his way to the most run down dirt road I've ever been to. It took an hour and a half in 4wd to get up to launch, there was even a tree stump covering half the road up near the top. Launch looked like it hadn't been touched since Greblo was there in the 70's. We ran through grass almost 2 feet tall to get airborne. We all landed out next to a soccer field near the I-215. It was one of the best trips I've been on. Great fun and a terrific flight!
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By jjcote
Morningside, NH
West Rutland, VT
Talcott Mt., CT
Ellenville, NY
The Pulpit, PA
Wellfleet, MA
Mohawk Trail, MA
Brace Mt., NY
High Point, WV
Mt. Ascutney, VT
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By DanTuck
In Order:

Training Hills:
Jockey's Ridge, NC
Kirchner's Knob, PA
Taylor Farm, VA
Oregon Ridge, MD
Smithsburg, MD

Woodstock, VA
Bill's Hill, PA
High Rock, MD
Hyner View, PA
The Pulpit, PA
Sacramento, PA
Daniels Mountain, VA
Jacks Mountain, PA
Marshall Peak, CA
Lake Elsinore, CA
Crestline, CA

Tow Parks:
Highland Aerosports, MD
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By Paul H
Here's mine, starting with the site where I did my H1 training.

Scotts Creek Beach, CA
Ed Levin Park, CA
Bird Road, CA
Waddell, CA
Dunlap, CA
Slide Mt, NV
Peavine Mt, NV
Fort Funston, CA
Hull Mt, CA
Lake McClure, CA
Little Black, CA
Laguna Mt, CA
Horse Canyon, CA
Blossom Valley, CA
Gateway, MX
Mt Tamalpais, CA
Cerra Bola Mt, MX
Elsinore, CA
Ocotillo, CA Truck towing
Walt's Pt, CA
Big Black Mt, CA
Torrey Pines, CA
Mission Ridge, CA
Otay Mt, CA
Fuzz, CA
Otay Lakes, CA Aerotowing
Paiute, CA
Questair, FL Aerotowing
Blanchard Mt, WA
Tiger Mt, WA
Red Rock, NV
Sierra Country Club, WA
Black Mt, WA
Rampart Ridge, WA
Aerial Adventrues, Fort Langley, BC Aerotowing
Saddle Mt, WA
Iron Mt, WA
McClellan, NV
Chelan, WA
Palomino, NV
Duck Hill, NV
Black Eagle, CA
Black Cap, OR
Doherty Slide, OR
Dog Mt, WA
Rainbow (Petersen Mt), NV
Sonora Pass, CA
Hot Springs Mt, NV
Sweetwater, CA
White Lake, NV Scooter towing
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By WPuckett
Best I can remember.....

Hang gliding locations:


English Mtn TN
Clinch Mtn TN
Lookout Mtn TN
Incline Railway Chattanooga TN
Sunset Rock Chattanooga TN
Racoon Mtn TN
Springer’s TN
Henson’s TN
Whitwell TN
Blue Ridge Pkwy, Roanoke VA
Nebo AR
Buffalo Mtn OK
Panarama OK
Packsaddle TX
Elephant Mtn TX
Guadalupes Long Ridge TX
Dog Canyon TX
King Mtn, TX
Ireann Mesa TX
Buffalo Gap TX
Monahans Sandhills TX
Almorgordo NM
Point of Mtn, UT
Francis Peak UT

Plains TX
Levellands TX
Stanton TX
Big Springs TX
Crane TX
FM 1492 TX
FM 792 TX
Rowlett TX
Allen TX
Caddo Mills TX
Indian Springs TX
Katy, TX
Grayson County Airport TX
Alliance Airport TX
Hearne Airport TX
Ennis TX
Lake Lavon, TX
Lookout Mtn TN
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