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By mrflyn4fun
Saddle Mtn, NC
Fancy Gap, VA
Clinch Mtn, TN
Buffalo Mtn, VA
Fisher Peak, VA
Big Walker (2) VA
High Top Mtn, VA
Ravens Roost, VA
Raccoon Mtn, TN
Sugarloaf Mtn, VA
Sauratown Mtn (South) NC
Tater Hill, NC
Tinker Mtn, VA
Hensen Gap, TN
Glassy Mtn, SC
Sauratown Mtn (SW) NC
Lookout Mtn, GA
Whitwell, TN
Fox Mtn, VA
Fisher Road (?) PA
Hensen Gap (SW) TN
High Rock, MD
Moore Mtn, NC
Whiteside Mtn, NC
Sanford Airport, NC
Big Walker (3) VA
North Mtn, WV
Sauratown Mtn (NW) NC
Marshall Peak, CA
Crestline, CA
Wallaby Ranch, FL
Pinnacle Mtn, NC
Hibriten Mtn, NC
Eagle Rock (NW) VA
Eagle Rock (SE) VA
Big Walker (4) VA

Sites Flown

1 Big Sur (Harry's Ridge)
2 Big Sur (Knob Launch)
3 Big Sur (Knob Jr. Launch)
4 Big Sur (Wild Cattle)
5 Brentwood (Towing)
6 Burney Mountain
7 Chelan
8 Crestline
9 Davis (Towing)
10 Dunlap
11 Ed Levin
12 Fort Funston
13 Hat Creek
14 Hollister
15 Hull Mountain
16 King Mountain
17 Lakeview (Black Cap)
18 Lakeview (Hadley Butte)
19 Lakeview (Sugar)
20 Marina
21 McClure
22 Mission Ridge
23 Mount Diablo (Juniper)
24 Mount Diablo (Tower Launch)
25 New Jerusalem (Towing)
26 Owens (Flynn's)
27 Owens (Paiute)
28 Owens (Walt's)
29 Quest Air (Towing)
30 Santa Cruz Flats (Tow Meet)
31 Slide
32 St. John
33 Sweetwater
34 Tam (A Launch)
35 Tam (B Launch)
36 Tam (C Launch)
37 Utah (Camel)
38 Utah (Commodore)
39 Utah (Point of the Mountain)
40 Waddell (Lower Bluff)
41 Waddell (Upper Launch)
42 Wallaby (Towing)
43 Wildass
44 Windy Hill
45 Wolf
46 Yosemite

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By noman3
mcclure because its the only site where god flys :mosh:
By peterkoistinen
In rough chronological order:

1. Blanchard Hill, MA
2. Morningside, NH
3. White Cliffs Plymouth, MA
4. Mt Whittier, NH
5. Mt Holyoke, MA
6. Mt Tom, MA
7. Mohawk Trail, MA
8. Outer Cape Cod, MA
9. Mt Ascutney, VT
10. (St Paul D’Abbotsford #1), Quebec
11. (St Paul D’Abbotsford #2), Quebec
12. Mt Yamaska, Quebec
13. La Luz, NM
14. Dry Canyon, NM
15. Whetstones, AZ
16. Carr Canyon, AZ
17. Mt Lemon, AZ
18. Shaw Butte, AZ
19. Miller Canyon, AZ
20. Ellenville, NY
21. Nam Han San Song, ROK
22. Taechon, ROK
23. Eagle River, AK
24. Eagle Summit, AK
25. Crestline, CA
26. Norfolk Airport, MA (tow)
27. Metro Field, AK (tow)
28. Chena Flood Project, AK (tow)
29. Gulkana Airport, AK (tow)
30. Northwest of Fairbanks, AK (tow)
31. Ft. Funston, CA
32. Steese Hwy S. of eagle Summit, AK (tow)
33. Steese Hwy, Eagle Summit, AK (tow)
34. Steese Hwy, near Central, AK (tow)
35. Nordale Rd., AK (tow)
36. Steese Hwy S. of Eagle Summit, AK Foot Launch #1
37. Steese Hwy S. of Eagle Summit, AK Foot Launch #2
38. Chena Hot Springs Rd, AK (tow)
39. Bradley Field, North Pole, AK (tow)
40. Nenana Airport, AK (tow)
41. Edmonton, Alberta (tow)
42. Ester Dome, AK
43. Denali Hwy #1, AK (tow)
44. Denali Hwy #2, AK (tow)
45. Denali Hwy #3, AK (tow)
46. Slide Mtn, NV
47. Richardson Hwy, AK (tow)
48. Richardson Hwy, near Donnelly Dome, AK (tow)
49. Dog Mtn., WA
50. (forgot name), WA
51. Cobergs, OR
52. Hurd Peak, CA
53. Near Stockton, CA (tow)
54. Shirttail Peak, CA
55. Coloma, CA
56. St John, CA
57. Horse Canyon, CA
58. Rocklin, CA (tow)
59. Elk Mtn, CA
60. Near Sacramento, CA (tow)
61. Near Oroville, CA (tow)
62. Peterson Rd., CA (tow)
63. McClellan Peak, NV
64. Torrey Pines, CA
65. Black Cap, OR
66. Lakeview Airport, OR (tow)
67. Sugar Hill, CA
68. Hondo Airport, TX (tow)
69. Indian Valley, cliff launch, CA
70. Elk Creek, CA
71. Oroville, CA
72. Lake McClure, CA
73. Ed Levin, CA
74. Red Rock, NV
75. McClellan Peak, SE launch, NV
76. Gunter, CA
77. Bird Rd., CA
78. Walt’s Point, CA
79. Mt Vaca, CA
80. Yosemite, CA
81. Latrobe, CA
82. Mt. Diablo, Towers launch, CA
83. Mt. Diablo, SE launch, CA
84. Dunlap, CA
85. Daydreams, NV
86. Mt Toro, CA
87. Mt Tam, CA
88. Greely Hill, CA
89. Genoa Peak, NV
90. Mt Grant, NV
91. Mt Hough, CA
92. Palomino Valley, NV
93. Sweetwater, CA
94. Carson City, NV (aerotow)
95. Gill Ranch Rd, CA (tow)
96. Zamora, CA
97. Potato Hill, CA,
98. Palomino Valley (tow), NV
99. Rainbow ridge, NV
100. Mt Peavine , NV
101. Indian Valley, burn launch, CA
102. Denton, TX, (tow)
103. Haleakala, 6000’ launch, HI
104. Francis Peak, UT
105. POM south side, UT
106. POM north side, UT
107. Inspiration Point, UT
108. Jedi, UT
109. 8 Mile Rd, CA (tow)
110. Woodrat, OR
111. Penny Pines, CA
112. Hat Creek Rim, CA
113. Noel Springs, CA
114. Mt St Helena, CA

Different launches to a common LZ (i.e. Slide E, SE launches), I only counted as one site. I didn't count little hops from training hills, except Blanchard, because it's the first place I flew.

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By dwaynej
New Mexico
Wellington, New Zealand area
Victoria, Australia
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By magentabluesky
Where I Launched From (WILF)

Marriam Crater, AZ
Mingus, AZ
Prescott Airport-Bootleg, AZ
Sheba, AZ
Tuzigoot-Bootleg, AZ
Yarnell, AZ

Black Hawk, CA
Blue, CA
Brea Hills, CA
Crestline, Ca
Cuyama, CA
Dockweiller, CA
Fairview Park Costa Mesa, CA
Gunter, CA
Hidden Valley, CA
Lake McClure, CA
Lake Elsinore + E, CA
Little Mountain, CA
Little Black Mtn, CA
Little Norco, CA
Marshall, CA
Mazuorka, CA
Pine Mountain, CA
Piute, CA
San Bernardino Mtns (Back Side) Bootleg, CA
Walt’s Point, CA
Yosemite, CA

Francis Peak, UT
Point of the Mountain, UT
By cookieflyer56
1. Lookout Mtn. Ga
2. High Point , GA
3. Sand Mountain, Trenton GA
4. Menlo, AL
5. Pigeon Mountain, GA
6. Signal Mountain, TN
7. Rising Fawn, GA
8. Henson’s Gap, TN
9. Henson’s Gap SW, TN
10. Whitwell, TN
11. Clinch Mountain, Knoxville TN
12. Grandfather Mountain, NC
13. Racoon Mountain, TN
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By Paul H
Here's mine.

Scott Creek Beach, CA
Ed Levin, CA
Bird Road, CA
Waddell Creek, CA
Dunlap, CA
Slide Mt, NV
Peavine Mt, NV
Fort Funston, CA
Hull Mt, CA
Lake McClure, CA
Little Black Mt, CA
Laguna MT, CA
Horse Canyon, CA
Blossom Valley, CA
Gateway, Mexico
Mt Tamalpais, CA
Cerra Bola Mt, Mexico
Lake Elsinore, CA
Ocotillo, CA (Payout winch towing)
Walt's Pt, CA
Big Black Mt, CA
Torrey Pines, CA
Mission Ridge, CA
Otay Mt, CA
Fuzz, CA
Otay Lakes, CA (Aero towing)
Paiute, CA
Questair, FL. (Aero towing)
Blanchard MT, WA
Tiger Mt, WA
Red Rock, NV
Sierra Country Club, WA
Black Mt, WA
Rampart Ridge, WA
Fort Langley, B.C., Canada (Aero towing)
Saddle Mt, WA
Iron Mt, WA
McClellan Pk, NV
Chelan, WA
Palomino, NV
Duck Hill, NV
Black Eagle, CA
Black Cap, OR
Doherty Slide, OR
Dog MT, WA
Rainbow, NV
Sonora Pass, CA
Hot Springs Mt, NV
Sweetwater, CA
White Lake, NV (Scooter towing)
Susanville Airport, CA (Payout winch towing)
NW McClellan, NV
Indian Valley, CA
Marshall, CA
Crestline, CA
Spooner, NV
By blindrodie
Vern's Hill Burr Oak, KS
Eudora, KS
Maise, KS
Ottawa, KS
Elkheart, KS
Morningside, NH (Now Kitty Hawk Kites)
QuestAire, Groveland FL (Now Wilotree Park)
Florida Ridge Flight Park
Oklahoma Mountains, Poutou, OK
Arkansas Mountains (Various locations)
Manhattan, KS (Early daze on 18" Standard)

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By Sford
gonna add more this season!

SITE_NAME (current status), State, How (Foot Launch; Aero Tow, Platform tow, other))
Badger, CO, FL
Bald Hill (closed), CO, FL
Bennet training site (closed), CO, Platform tow
Blue Springs (road closed), NM, FL
Buffalo, OK, FL
Bull Mtn, CO, FL
Castle Rock (closed), CO, FL
Copper Mtn, CO, FL
Dinosaur, UT/CO, FL
Dry Canyon, NM, FL
Elizibeth Tow Site (closed), CO, Platform tow
Ft. Collins Airport (closed), CO, AT
Glendoe Reservoir , WY, Boat towing with CE and CM
Gold Hill Telluride, CO, FL
Green Mtn Res., CO, Boat towing with CE and CM
Hammer Rd, CO, Platform tow
Hobbs, NM, Platform tow
Hurricane Cliffs, UT, FL
Jeremy's Field (closed), CO, AT
Ken Caryl Ranch (closed), CO, FL
Kenosha, CO, FL
La Manga, CO, FL
LaLuz, NM, FL
Last Chance Tow Sites, CO, Platform tow
Leydon training hill, CO, FL
Loch Buie tow sites (closed), CO, Scooter tow.
Lookout Mtn Spider Webs (closed), CO, FL
Mark's farm, CO, scooter tow
McClellan, NV, FL
Mexican Ridge (closed), CO, FL
Miller Canyon, AZ, FL
Moriarty Airport (with Mike Barber), NM, Platform tow
Mt Magazine, AR, FL
Mt Nebo, AR, FL
Mt Princeton, CO, FL
Mt Zion, CO, FL
NE Hartsel tow road (closed), CO, Platform Tow
North Boulder, CO, FL
North Boulder Training Hill, CO, FL
North Park, Gould tow sites (closed), CO, AT
Oatman Mtn, AZ, FL
Peavine, NV, FL
POM south side, UT, FL
Prospect Valley Tow site (closed), CO, Platform tow
Red Top Ranch, CO, Platform tow
Ruthies Aspen, CO, FL
S. Hartsel Tow Ridge, CO, Platform tow
Sandia Crest, NM, FL
Slide Mtn, NV, FL
South Mountain, AZ, FL
St Helena, CA, FL
Steamboat - lower, CO, FL
Steamboat - upper, CO, FL
Toquerville, UT, FL
Torrey Pines, CA, FL
Turf Soaring, AZ, AT
Villa Grove, CO, FL
Walden Airport (closed), CO, AT
Wild Horse Mesa (Jim Lee's site), CO, FL
Williams Lower Launch, CO, FL
Williams Upper Launch, CO, FL
Willow, CO, FL
Wolcott, CO, FL
Yankee Field (closed), CO, AT
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By paicolman
Grindelwald First


Pico Agudo
Pico do Gaviao
Pedra do Bau
Moji das Cruces

Cerro de Nataga
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By EricH
San Luis Reservoir, CA (bunny hills)
Santa Ana Rd, Hollister, CA (bunny hills)
Ed Levin Park, CA (Many launch and land spots)
Finley Ridge, CA (first out landing)
Hull Mt, CA Timberline, (first soaring flight)
all Peak launches
Lake McClure, CA
Elk Mt., CA
St John, CA Rock Ramp,
Big Sur, CA Plaskett,
                  Wild Cattle,
      various Harry's Hill land and launch
Tres Pinos, CA (bunny hills, scooter, winch tow)
Dunlap, CA
Cayucos, CA
Torrey Pines, CA
Elsinore E, CA
Marshall, CA
Crestline, CA
Mingus, AZ
Sheba Crater, AZ
Walt's Pt./Horseshoe, CA
Black Eagle, CA
Slide, NV (* flew to Rainbow and Palomino)
Peavine, NV
McLellen,  NV
Red Rock, NV
Peterson, NV (first XC flight)
Indian Valley, CA Keddie/cliff launch,
                    3 Burn launches,
                    Mt Hough/Crystal Lake
Sugar Hill, CA
Black Cap, OR (* flew to Doherty Slide)
Hadley, OR
Tagues Butte, OR
Palisades, OR
Chelan, WA all Butte launches
Tekoe, WA (first mountain soaring top landing)
Mt 7, BC
Mt Swansea, BC (lake/water landings)
King Mt, ID Upper launch
Dixon, CA (aerotow)
Quest, FL (aerotow)
Buffalo Mt, OK 2 launches
Haleakala, HI 6,000' launch
Gaisberg, Austria
Marina, CA
Waddell, CA
Tunitas Creek, CA (bunny hill)
Mussell Rock, CA Walker
Ft Funston, CA
Mt Tamalpias, CA B,
Mt Diablo, CA Towers,
Mission Peak, CA
Hat Creek, CA
Mt. St. Helena, CA
Yosemite, CA
Coloma, CA
Windy Hill, CA
Eliminator, CA
By cheesehead
primarily places most of you have never heard of, all in USA, most in CA and WI and IL, most now closed and if not, no one uses them much if at all these days. Weird. Rarely resided near the well-known sites.
By cheesehead
Anyone ever hear of Bender Park or Cliffside Park in WI? Indian Ridge in IL? Midway, Ant Hill, Comanche, Beacon Hill, El Rancho, Convict, Dolly Parton, or Bear Mt., CA?
By cheesehead
Oh, and I forgot Slick Rock, CA. Amazing. Gorgeous. Never crowded. Easy launch at over 3000 AGL. Mellowest locals (all 5 of them). Near giant Sequoia groves & great camping. CA condors occasionally sighted. Unregulated. My favorite. Just too far out of the way for the hordes to visit.
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