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By Roadrunner71
I AM THINKING ABOUT WHEN i DECIDE TO BEGIN FLYING hANG-GLIDERS AGAI(N. That is if I Decide to fly H-G again. So if I do indeed do decide to fly a H-G Hang Glider again. I have been thinking about my flying H-G's again with the Thought of doing attending a launch and landing clinic. But to do the Clinic With a personal twist to the Launch and landing Clinic. I have had the thought that I might want to search out a very good instructor to see if I can do a learn-to Fly session, I mean a Learn to fly Sessions with an instructor who does not know me. I think that I would get Honest and meaningful feedBack on my ability to control a Hang-Glider.

So do any of you have any thoughts on this quest of mine to once again achieve Free-Flight??

GOOD by CHRIS mcKEON 925-497-1059

By Roadrunner71
You should know this about me, You see I flew Hang-Gliders for 28 years. I used to think that I was pretty good. But on my last flight where I pounded in for me was a (GAME CHANGER) Yes my whole life has been altered. Regarding my taking a Tandem H-G Flight. It comes back to having my Head put into motion with the risk of a sudden violent deceleration. I can not let this happen to my Skull and my Brain. I realize that almost of you do not know me. But I was a pretty good lander. Well pretty good is not good enough. I need to be perfect. So that is why I have been pursuing flights in that Grobe Dail-Plane. I have not flown the Sail-Plane in a while. But I hope to take to the Skies again in the future. Talk about performance! A Sail-Plane is really a truly Major step up in performance, can you say: They are a glide Monster?
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By DMarley
Chris, you've been absent from this forum for a couple months now. I bet you could count on nearly every single one of us in this forum at least knowing of you and reading about what you've been going through and have a good idea of your past flying experience. We know that you've flown a lot with John Heiney and have flown a lot of XC flying that many times requires great landing skills in new landing locations. So, we certainly understand your past flying prowess and experience. You're part of our family, Chris! We're all rooting for you!

So, you've been absent from this forum for a couple months, and Mike (miraclepieco) (and all the rest of us) would like to know how your cycling is working out for you.
Keep up the hard work, Chris! You'll be flying someday soon!
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