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By SlopeSkimmer
I found this company almost three years ago and have been insured by them ever since. The company name is Evolution Insurance Brokers. You can read about them here, https://www.eibdirect.com/about/. When I contacted them I asked them to model the policy after my RRG policy which cost me around 6000 for the year. Not only did they beat the price, the policy is better because it has no exclusions for hang gliding and paragliding incidents. With the rising cost to do business here in California hang gliding schools need to keep as much of our hard earned money as we can.

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By DAVE 858
USHPA7 wrote:
Wed Feb 27, 2019 12:09 pm
Fantastic! Thanks for the info.

Now we need a policy for the purely recreational hang gliding pilot!

Any suggestions or ideas for that?

Frank Colver
Why? Just don't hit anything.
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By DMarley
DAVE 858 wrote:
Wed Feb 27, 2019 12:17 pm
Why? Just don't hit anything.
Frank is correct. For most pilots that don't fly on BLM land, and some that do. As you cerainly have heard in the recent past, site land owners have invested their hard-earned monies (as well as annual property taxes!) in their lands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. No state law that excludes landowners from civil lawsuit damages will protect them when they must ask for payment of use. Maintenance of sites is expensive, especially when mountain accesses are not paved county roads, but are dirt,rock, and gravel paths on private property that quickly erode with traffic and weather and become impassable without regular maintenance. Then there is the maintenance of the LZ's and the actual launch, all requiring machinery and fuel and maintenance parts ($$$$).

Merely because some pilots are seemingly fortunate to fly on gov't-owned parks and BLM lands and therefor believe they can fly for free, the rest of us have more responsibilities to the flying community and the landowners who allow us to fly on their private lands.
It would be a very good thing to have other options to insure our flying and remain responsible pilots without being under the dictatorship of the new, unimproved U$PGA.
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By DAVE 858
Let me ask you something, are you going to sue the land owner when you crash your hang glider on their property? I assume the answer is no. Now, when the tandem paragliding student steps in a gofer hole and fractures his ankle, then we can worry. Like I said before, just dont hit anything. Let the tandem circus joy rides for kids find their own insurance and leave the general pilot membership alone.
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