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This web site, USHGA.aero, which at the present time is not open to public viewing, is an "umbrella" site which provides individual web sites. But we as individual subsite owners can publish our site link. The idea behind this is to provide unlimited web sites for old time HG pilots who flew before USHGA or as members of USHGA (pre-USHPA) to write their personal HG histories. They can also add what they are doing at the present time, that is related to hang gliding, it doesn't all have to be history, it is related to that person and it all becomes their HG history eventually.

The master site administrator is Rick Masters who eventually will back out & turn it over to a BOD to continue. The site will evolve to add other things, I'm sure, but at the present time this is what it is and Rick now personally invites specific individuals to start their personal web site so it doesn't become overwhelmed with requests for sites, while it is still being developed.

BTW - It is not a forum and USHGA is not an acronym for any other name.

All postings have to be aviation related by rules of the ".aero" domaine.

My personal site is at: www.USHGA.aero/colver/ Please check it out.

Rick has given permission for me to list his also: www.USHGA.aero/masters/

Rick's pages have some fascinating stories about the pioneering days of flying the historic and "heavy duty" Owens Valley and the historic long distance flights they worked into. I'm looking forward to when i can digest all of it. He was in there at an amazing time when I was too "chicken" to fly the Owens with my flying buddies. I mentally pictured hang gliders being broken into pieces and thrown 18,00 feet to the valley floor.

The individual site owners can continue to add or modify their sites so that will be continuous change in sites like mine.

Frank Colver, USHPA #7

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