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I've been an active hang glider pilot for 14 years. I've had amazing flights in wonderful places...the Owens, the desert, the Sequatchie...lots of great sites. It's all been amazing. It's time for me to move to paragliders. I thought I would fly both PG and HG, but I don't see that happening. What are your thoughts on flying both?

I first tried paragliders about 9 years ago, flew a bit, soared a bit, got a few hours, but decided it wasn't for me. I recently started flying paragliders again with instruction from Dave Hanning at Flying Camp in the Sequatchie Valley. After my first lesson, I was completely sold. New wings are so vastly improved over the paragliders of even a few years ago. The school wing I'm flying is better than the PG wing I first learned on in every way. The convenience of the paraglider is hard to beat. I've been able to get more soaring hours in a few lessons than in a couple of months of hang gliding...my first mountain solo was a 30 min thermal and ridge flight....after landing, I stuffed the wing, went back to the top, and did it again for a 45 min flight...without instruments and not really trying hard. Flew five flights that day...would never do that with a hang glider...too much trouble.

I do recognize the limitations of the PG, especially in stronger conditions...but I really don't want to fly in high winds and totally ripping days anyhow...been there, done that, close calls, never again.

What are your thoughts on flying both PG and HG? Unfortunately bi-wingual does not work for me like I thought it would.

Some of the skills transfer, such as soaring, but many do not...and much of the muscle memory is actually detrimental between the two aircraft in my mind. I think it's detrimental to fly both while learning to fly PG..so many new skills to learn. So...it's over to paragliders exclusively for a while. Time and money wise, I can only do one at a time too...I'm not flying both in one day.

BTW - I'm completely amazed that I can't sell a complete beginner HG package, with good gear, for LESS than what local schools are selling older model wings like the Falcon 1 alone for. That sure says something about hang gliding's future. Is mine an older wing? Sure...but Falcon 2 is a completely legitimate beginner wing in every way. Harness and reserve are models that are still in production. Can't seem to sell it, right here in the heart of east coast hang gliding. WTF?

So...that sadly said, someone buy my HG gear!!!! The Falcon 2/Z5 harness/LARA reserve package is $2000...that's a steal. I'm not going to fly it for a long time, if ever. If I go back to HG, I'll just buy new stuff (if anyone still makes it).

Classified AD: https://www.hanggliding.org/advert/pack ... d-reserve/

Bummer both dont work for you.
I think its great. I'll fly the PG sometimes first to see if it's as light as it looks feels, or sometimes after an HG flight, I take a late day PG flight. Or if its late, or light or I'm lazy, throw the PG out for a flight.
Good to have options.

And selling your gear, post it to more places. Where is it listed now? (also you dont mention the glider size or harness size above)
Tough time of year to sell gear, most are hunkered down for the winter.
A lot of the decision to fly only one type is the desire to become proficient at PG...so I need to fly, and fly, and fly. It's a new tool for the sky and demands proficiency and new skills. The last few times I went for PG lessons, I took my HG, but it wound up staying on the car. It will just sit in my shed...

Winter is definitely a tough time to sell gear (a great time to buy used gear!!), although in the SE there is plenty of flying to be had all year. This time of year offers good training and beginner conditions here too...

My wing is a Falcon 2 170, a large Z5 harness, and a LARA Gold 250 reserve listed in the org classifieds. I should put it on Oz Report too...but that's really the main two sites IMHO.
I may have missed the link to your ad if it was in your initial post.
Pretty good deal. However not being able to ship it limits the market.
If you could ship it would probably sell easier..
My opinion anyways , for what it's worth.
Well, harness sold. I'm sure some of my HG brethren felt a disturbance in the force....

New paraglider on order, a Phi Sonata 22....blue and orange. A great beginner wing. I went with a super easy to fly A glider instead of a low B or the Phi Symponia high A. Figure it's best to start at the start, and let the Sonata take me to P3. When I started hang gliding, I went to a double surface wing right away (a Moyes XT Pro 165). Honestly that choice gave me no advantage and probably slowed my learning. The Sonata will give me room to retune some of the hang glider habits.

SO - New price on the Falcon!
https://www.hanggliding.org/advert/pack ... d-reserve/
Take an SIV clinic ASAP, it will really help.
Paragliding is the hardest thing to master.

If you could ship your glider, it would sell.

All the free advice I have :wink:
It would sell if I was willing to ship. Perhaps Lookout would have a shipping box at a reasonable cost.

I will take a SIV...it will help. Paraglider is defiantly harder to master. Easier to learn the fundamentals, but harder to master I think because the wing is so much more dynamic, especially as one moves up to higher performance and comp wings. PG comp wings are incredible in performance for something that fits in a sack and weighs a few pounds....but scary IMHO. Not the case with HG. A T2C is more demanding to fly and fly well than a Falcon, but not scary...

This guy is nuts, but it shows the speed and glide, and a bit of the scary:
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