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The USHPA just sent out an e-mail notification that states:

"The Salmon-Challis National Forest in Idaho, which includes the King Mountain flying site, is revising its forest management plan. The new plan will recommend that certain areas be designated as wilderness and will guide resource management for the next 15 years.

King Mountain, a H4/P4 site, is located within the wilderness evaluation area. If the mountain were to be designated as a wilderness area, roads to launch would be closed and launching would be prohibited, likely ending pilots' access to the site."

If you aren't a USPHA member you can also visit 'The Oz Report'. Scroll down a few posts to find the information and links on how to add your comments to the Forest Service on the proposal. The deadline for comments is tomorrow, January 19th.

There is a precedent. We had a similar situation in Northern CA, a few years ago, when large areas of the Mendocino National Forest became part of the Snow Mountain Wilderness Area, including the part where we had a built our (FS Service permitted) launch ramp on St John Mountain.

When we brought this to the attention of the Forest Service, and impressed upon them how important this flying site on St. John was to the area, they helpfully redrew the wilderness boundary around our ramp, enabling us to keep the site open.

I believe that in the past the Forest Service has been very helpful at King Mountain, both in building a road to launch and constructing a large metal launch ramp.

In your letters to the Forest Service it might help to mention this.

Leo Jones
Go here : https://usfs.maps.arcgis.com/apps/Minim ... 804dde8147

Click on the "evaluation " tab and follow the instructions. Not as complicated as it looks.

Might mention Kings international reputation as a flying site and the economic benefits of the flying sites to the local community with a minimal impact to the forest and terain.

Kenny - aka shortwings
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