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Congratulations to Joe Greblo for winning the prestigious Rob Kells Memorial Award. There isn't a more deserving recipient than Joe. His long service to the sport of hang gliding is amazing!

Hell, I would have given it to him for just having gotten Dockweiler open to hang gliding again, in a 16 year continuous effort. But several of his nominators said some pretty great things about Joe and his many efforts on the behalf of hang gliding over the many years.

Kudos to Joe Greblo! :thumbsup:

Frank Colver

Here's Joe on the left with Dave Cronk at the 45th anniversary of hang gliding at Dockweiler Beach 5-22-2016
Joe Greblo & Dave Cronk reduced.jpg
Joe Greblo & Dave Cronk reduced.jpg (363.77 KiB) Viewed 667 times

By kan-glider
My congratulations also go to Joe.

Two of the things that Joe taught me saved my bacon twice last summer. I can't thank him enough for that.

I'm sure that many others are now flying more safely because of his advice and training.

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