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By waltspoint
Hi all you Krazy Krazy Hangglider Dudes and Dudettes!

My goal was:
100 flights
50 hours
2 inland sites

What I actually achieved:
106 flights
36.25 hours
23 flying days: 15 at the cliff, 8 at the training hill
6 no-fly days
Only coastal soaring sites, Funston & Waddell
Freedom, Sport2, T2C

Most of my flights were at the Tres Pinos training-hill/winch tow. So I had about 40 1/2-minute flights, an equal number of 5 to 10 minute flights (since I top-land on the training hill after winching up), and most of my hours were at the cliff. I really wanted to improve my launch and landing technique, and I think all the training hill days really helped. I will continue doing this next year. I was at 92 flights by December, and didn't think I'd get to 100. But nature gave us one last flying day on 12/30, a joyful way to close out the year. I got more hours than 2017, but didn't hit 50. I was some what timid on launch, waiting for better conditions and landing early if it got light or rough. I sat out a couple of days when others were flying due to non-ideal conditions. So next year I think I could hit 50 hours with the same number of flying days if I'm a bit more agressive. I did pretty well as far as getting to fly when I took my glider out. Modern weather technology really helps reduce the number of skunk days. I didn't do any high altitude or XC flights, but I had many great days whale watching from the sky, flying with birds, skirting fog banks.

I blew one down-tube as a result of stalling my turn onto final at Funston. When I turned, my inside wing dipped deeper into the gradient and I was swung into a sudden steep bank. I nearly straightened out, but not quite. I had a similar crash the year before. Be careful out there kids, keep your speed up during landing approach!

What a great sport, hang gliding! Next year I have the same goals as last year. Some day I hope to get another 100 hour season, like I used to when I was young, energetic, and carefree. I hope you all also had a great flying year, and I look forward to soaring with you at Funston, Dunlap, Andy Jackson, or wherever the wind blows up! Push out, /jd
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By DMarley
I only had 15 flights this year. Weather has been terribly uncooperative in NC and VA (for mountain flying). I don't know of anyone who got any more flights than that around here. Or if they did, they're not bragging about it.

So I aim to misbehave. I'm in the process of correcting the lack of flight problem... heh heh heh.
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By miraclepieco
Thanks for the report. It's good to set goals to encourage yourself to expand your horizons. And it's good to keep track of your flying stats to see where you're headed.
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