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By Rick M
Happy new year.

If you had one week to do some fun XC flying with a few people at Cowboy Up near Houston, TX this year, what time of year would be best?

By best I mean a week where you will likely be able to fly nearly every day with good XC potential. Bonus if it happens to be a week where it's not absurdly hot or too thick with mosquitoes.

By Nate
I consider CU my home site as it is the closest and most consistent towing option.
100+ mile flights can be had April-October. April, May, June, Sept, and Oct can also have weeks on end of rain.

My personal favorite and most reliable is July-August. Pretty much every day is a good day.

It is a great site for triangles and OR flights even though the sea breeze typically shuts down the day earlier than in land sites. XC and triangle tasks out of there are not only very landable but also very retrievable (many roads).

Lots of migratory raptors, buzzards, sandhill cranes, and bald eagles. Corn is typically harvested before mid July making for "cornados".

Good news is that mosquitoes aren't bad in July-August. The heat is a different story.
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