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By red
Roadrunner71 wrote:
Wed Dec 05, 2018 8:10 pm
Here's my Lights, Camera, Action video. Here is a link to it on you tube:

. . . . . 'Way to GO, Roadrunner!

I'm betting that hat is just a loaner, but man, you gotta get a good helmet going on the road there, my friend. 8)
By blindrodie
So good to watch Chris. YES! Get a better helmet!!! :mosh:

By Roadrunner71
Point very well taken, VERY WELL TAKEN. I am searching for a Helmet that will rise to the occasion when needed. I have had one Helmet do a poor job of shielding my Brain from experiencing Axon sheering deceleration of my Brain due to the fact that my head encountered a strike. The strike that I refer to is when I was landing my Predator and I Blew my Landingh. I really do not know what Helmet that I will get. There must be a Helmet that would do a good job of shielding my brain due to strike. A strike derived from any form of where my head is in movement. Where i encounter an unwanted head strike.
By Roadrunner71
This might sound stupid to many of you. Or it might sound a little silly to you Guys. But that little short ride that I did on that Recumbent tricycle was an awesome experience for me. For there was a time not too long ago that I could not have ridden that Tricycle. I would not be sitting here describing how wonderful it felt for me to ride that Tricycle. No, I could not have rode that Tricycle after riding my old form of Transportation. My old form of wheeled transportation. I do not miss that Wheel chair.
Way to go roadrunner!

The trike reminds me of my old Greenspeed. I put knobby tires on it and I used to bomb down mountain fireroads skidding around the turns. Whoopie!

By Roadrunner71
You Guys say things such as: "Get a Better Helmet". O-K I will ask you guys a Question: A helmets Primary purpose is to protect the wearers Skuul. More too the point, it's Primary jog is to prevent the wearers Brain from encountering Axon sheering conditions. Due to a Head strike. A heaD STRIKE DUE TO? a STRIKE DUE TO TO ANY EVENT i MUST ACQUIRE THE FINEST HELMET MADE TODAY. sO, WHAT HELMET IS THAT.?
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By remmoore

While I have always worn a DOT helmet, and thought EN-966 helmets (like your Charley Insider) were crap, it wasn't until your near-fatal TBI that I started thinking about what I would recommend as an alternative. Too many pilots complain about the weight and bulk of a typical DOT MC or MX helmet, although I still felt it was a better alternative than the typical HG helmet.

I eventually discovered Kali, and their explicit goal of improving helmet safety. Kali's Shiva helmet is still the gold standard IMO for helmet safety - lightweight, compact, yet DOT certified. It handles light hits, strong hits, and rotational forces better than any other helmet I know of. It would make a great helmet for a number of activities, including hang gliding, MX riding, or cruising around on your bike.

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By red
Roadrunner71 wrote:
Fri Dec 07, 2018 12:53 pm
You Guys say things such as: "Get a Better Helmet". O-K WHAT HELMET IS THAT.?

I do not believe that there is any one great answer on helmets. I would say, get the best helmet you can find, maybe a Kali, or 6D, or anything better. DOT and MIPS helmet standards are good to have in there, too. I am looking for something good for myself, and for now I'm just planning to ditch whatever helmet I may find, as soon as something better comes along.

The helmet guys are making progress, but I would not pass on something good now, just because there might be something better in a month. My head needs protection every day I am out there.
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