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By Roadrunner71
I need some help here. I need to know how to Transfer some video that my Brother shout of me riding a Three Wheeled Recumbent Bicycle. I do not know how to transfer the Video onto The Org. Please help me.

Good By: Chris 925-497-1059

By Roadrunner71
Mirapleceico Tomorrow will be having my friend Bud's Help in posting a link of my riding a Three Wheel Recumbent. I believe it is called a Guppy type of a n Recumbent.

You know guys I really don't want to come across to you that I am Lamenting here. Hell i am merly trying to share my accomplishments with you Guys.

About 8 and a half years asgo now. I did four months flat on my back in a coma laying in a Hospital Bed.

Hell by me pedalling myself around the Streets in Alameda. I call the Fact that I can now pedal myself on a Trike as a major step-forwards.
By Roadrunner71
You Guys really, truly have no idea how good it made me feel to be able to pedal my Self down the road, just six blocks down the road with Zack Capland in Alameda. You guys can not know how good it Felt for me to be able to ride and pedal myself. Hell, I felt a sense of Joy that you can not imagine. I hope to set up to a You=Tube acct a link with the Video of my riding the Three wheeled recumbent Guppy type of a trike here some time soon./

One more thing I want to say to you Guys, After experiencing to most horrific injury that I could imagine. It has almost been a Decade since I pounded March 28th 2010. I have been undergoing a recovery. My recovery is still in full swing. I have shared some of my challenges with you guys here on the: Dot Org. You Guys have been so kind and supportive in your comments have been so supportive. Thank you all very much.

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