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lizzard wrote:
Mon Dec 10, 2018 7:08 pm
While i dont see hang gliding as a competitive sport (except spot landings).
You stateside flyers could try for the most states flown ..in one flight of course .

lots of tactics and weather study .

Ha ha, every day's hang gliding is highly competitive - who goes farthest, who gets highest, who stays up longest. While I understand the desire to not taint the flying experience with competition, I also try to beat everyone, everyday. Why? Because that means I've gotten the most out of the day, the conditions and my equipment. Every day's flight is really a competition against the forces of nature.

That being said, some places are easier to have multi-state flights than others, being near the borders. Generally harder to do in the West where states are much larger. Nonetheless, I've had numerous interstate flights from and to Oregon, California, and Nevada.

I also believe that several of us Oregon pilots share the unofficial record for the Westernmost hang gliding flights in the contiguous United States by flying as far over the ocean as we dared from Oregon's Cape Blanco takeoff site, the westernmost point in Oregon:
Blanco (Small).JPG
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