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By Roadrunner71
Here is a Nice Big "HIGH" Hello to all of you.

Well I want to pontificate on my most Current, and my Personal case, "BRAIN INJURY". Well Let me get on with my Thoughts. Thoughts Born from a Mind that has been seriously affected by an impact to my Skull. You must please forgive my Post's Composition's poor Composition sentence structure. For as most of you know by now. I had a terrible landing. I pounded into the Ground. I mean I Pounded!

O-K Here it goes:

I am hoping that because of my having this T-B-I. Also there are others who have experienced the same thing as I have. That thing is a: T-B-I. Well I hope that we generate some R and D into developing New Helmet Technology that will not only Protect the outside of one's skull. But that Hemet that hopefully be developed. The technology will enable a Helmet that will not only protect what is in the inside of one's Skull. That of course is the Brain.

Well Best of Luck to all of you. May all your landings be where you Stick your landings. That you are able to land on the Cone. Good By Guys Chris.

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