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We got funding from the local government to buy two 10-ton truck loads of Gap-65-grade crushed slag to fill in the bath-tub potholes in the vehicle track up to our main launch.
The club members pitched in to help move the material, trim the pine trees and mow the launch in readiness for the start of the flying season later this month when the nice weather comes. (It was freezing at 1,300 ft ASL that day!)

Do you organize similar events in your part of the world?

The local PG guys and a few HG pilots really got together on our one and only consistent north facing foot launch and really opened it up. I got wild with a chain saw, others with lawn mowers, nippers and saws and another up and coming PG pilot with his Bobcat really did a beautiful job making a nice HG launch into a really sweet bi-wing launch. Totally voluntary!

I also know the good folks in Oklahoma have done a great job of opening and maintaining roads and launches on a regular basis. The force is strong in many places here in the US!


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