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By Roadrunner71
It is sort of Strange, for I have been flying Hang Gliders since 1991. In all that Time. All the Sites that I have Flown. If you are talking High. I have never been High, High being 20,000 feet or More. I have been only to 15,000.800 Feet. someday I will get up there.
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By red
flybop wrote:
Sat Sep 08, 2018 10:25 pm
So much for 17999 feet...
https://www.nbcnews.com/mach/science/ex ... ncna907586

In the USA, the FAA can give you a "window" of permission (not the whole sky) to fly above the 18k' MSL limit, usually for record attempts like the article describes, and maybe for competitions. If you have oxygen, a transponder, radio contact with your "local" ATC, and maybe a flight plan, I believe you can fly above 18K' in the USA. Problem is, your glider really does not glide all that well in such thin air. D.A.M.H.I.K. 8)

You will definitely be flying in sub-freezing air, of course, even in the summer. Then wind-chill will take at least another 20 degrees F. away from the outside air temperature.
By Roadrunner71
I remember when my Friend Ken Muscio Got to something like 23,000 Feet, it might have been 24,000 Feet. this was when Ken was flying in Colorado. I so want to get High.
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By aeroexperiments
Since redline is a function of TAS not IAS, at very high altitude it becomes an issue to not exceed the redline even during relatively modest dives showing a relatively low IAS. This is for a "conventional" sailplane where flutter etc is a concern at speeds above the redline.

I don't know if it is for this reason, or other reasons, or both, that the Perlan project website talks about how their glider has a very large wing area, which is far from optimal for conventional soaring at lower altitudes.

Reynolds number effects must surely enter the picture too.

What an amazing flight. A true aviation milestone.
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By BubbleBoy
Yeah -- with enough altitude your VNE and Min sink become the same number.

A ton of people put so much effort into this project -- cool to see it succeed.


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