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By DMarley
Wonderful. Now these fine people of Sussex believe that parapuppets are Hang Gliders. Oh, just wonderful.
Sergeant Simon Barden, of the force’s Hastings and Rother police prevention team, appealed for further witnesses to come forward.

“We’d like to hear from anyone who has seen or experienced aggressive or disturbing approaches from this man,” he added.

Local councillor Ian Hollidge told The Independent: “People come here to enjoy a quiet retirement coastal area and they want it as such. They don’t want, particularly, people hang-gliding.

“We’ve got enough seagulls around here without humans doing it as well.”
When will it end?!? :ahh:

You don't have to answer that, Joe :lol:

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By DMarley
GB must be having real problems keeping their parapuppets (I write that word in the most respectful manner.... :roll: ) under control....

(old news, but kinda funny)
https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/h ... 48081.html
Images showed marksmen assigned to protect the president pointing their rifles at the powered parachute, which circled the hotel at about 10pm.
Whacky parapilots over there, eh?
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By lizzard
Shorely a well equiped kid with a ging or a bb gun could sort this fool out ...failing that an rc with decent leading edge re inforcing ?
Its not the machine but the fool controlling it .
By Roadrunner71
As I said before: The Paraglider would have to land. I think that an ambassador of Good Manners, and general decency, could, and should be awaiting this Paragliders landing in the L-Z.

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