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O-K Guys I am now on an list of people who have signed up to purchase a: Champ RTF HBZ4900. Guys, I sorta of like I did Decades ago when I gave my Dealer-Friend Dan Fleming the Go ahead to order my first Glider, a Wills-Wing 225 Falcon. That Glider was truly a Dig as to having any Speed, But Boy could it climb! I really got a Handle on how to thermal a Glider by flying that Falcon. Then I flew, Flew, Flew that Glider. As Shannon Rabby said to me one Day when Shannon and I were up on launch at McClure/ Shannon said to me : "Big Guy: You Fly this Glider for so long until it is too U-V'd out to Fly, IT WILL MAKE YOU GREAT!". Well, the Falcon did not make me great. But that big old 225 Falcon. enabled me to exercise my Rights when climbing through a Thermal that had Gliders Struggling to stay above me. Yes, that 225 was a Climb Monster.

So Guys, it seems that I will have a little time before I am able to purchase my First powered Aircraft. So I am still open for suggestions. So please feel free to suggest away.

Thanks so much Guys for putting up with this aspiring Rookie R-C Pilot.

Good By Chris McKeon.

TjW wrote:
Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:29 am
The Champ is a great little airplane, and, like the Falcon, is so much fun to fly that experienced pilots may keep one around just for fun. Just don't expect a little airplane like that to handle any significant wind.

Good point, there. You can add "wind conditions" on most RC Simulators, before you take off. Try to fly mostly facing straight into the wind (wear sunglasses so your eyes do not water, in the real wind). Then if the plane gets too far away, you can just set the controls for a nice, lazy circle; after enough circles, the wind will be bringing your plane back to you, and you won't lose the plane. 8)
Well: I am liking what I am seeing. My thoughts are as of now are: Do I really know how to make an informed decision as far as what R-C this Rookie wanna Be should go about procuring a R-C such as the Crescendo. Also do I buy the items that are listed on this site? Items such as: A 6 Channel Transmitter? A 1300 MAN 39 11.1 V 0.C? Or the 1350 M-AH 11.1 V 30 C .

Well you can call me A Brain Dead Wanna Be R-C Pilot. Hell I was almost a dead Pilot, My Death would incorporate my Brain by the way. This just like it has been on my two Flights in that Grobe Sailplane that I took. I am just a little bite out of my element here. I feel a little like i did when I was flying that Grobe Sailplane. New stuff for me to learn.

If anyone can l give me some insight into What R-C Model I should buy. What items I should Buy with Said R-C , I should try to buy this Consendo off the web-site? or Maybe I should find a Hobby shop here in Brentwood California. Should I find an experienced Person to give me a hand with y first flights. A Person who could aid me flying my new R-C using a Buddy Box?

As I said, I live in the Northern California East S-F Bay area Town of Brentwood California. Here are my E-Mail and my Phone Number: CCMCK@GOLDSTATE.NET 925-497-1059. Thanks Guys and Gals, Good By and Good Night.
Ok I can take a crack at this,


https://www.horizonhobby.com/conscendo- ... ic-pkz8150

Extra Battery:

https://www.horizonhobby.com/1350mah-3s ... lb13503s30



I have a charger I'm willing to donate to you. Just send me your addy when you order the rest of the stuff and I'll send it to you.

Start with the Phoenix Sim, get a few hours of flying time, and then buy the gear and start flying for real. The DX6e is a great starter transmitter, and if you choose to upgrade later you can always find buyers to trade up.


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