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By Avnav8r

My wife and I will be traveling in late September to Seattle and plan on driving to the Vancouver area. Can someone recommend places to fly/glider rental? Thanks!

John Stokes
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By Ken.de.Russy
It is some hours from Vancouver, maybe 5 or 6, but it is a place worth some effort to get to if you can. https://freedomflightpark.weebly.com/ is a flight park in a spectacular setting with every needed amenity, and run by old time pilot Randy Rauck. I went there with just my harness and sleeping bag and Randy provided a comfortable trailer and everything else I needed. I dream of going back. I can't recommend it more strongly.

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By raquo
Seconding Freedom Flight Park. If it's not too far for you, email them and ask if they will rent you a glider.

Other than that, I don't think you will find a rental. There are currently no HG schools operating closer to Vancouver.

Locals mostly fly Mt. Woodside. Pemberton is also an option, that one even has a HG capable shuttle.


Also, late September is pushing your luck regarding weather. Could be raining every day. Or not.
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By Avnav8r
Hey ,

Thanks for the responses on the Vancouver question! What about flying around Seattle? By the way Ken, I am fairly good friends with someone you know...Gordon Cayce. Thanks!


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