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By Roadrunner71
I remember one Day in particular when I flew our Bay Are Coastal site Fort Funston. Well on the Day I am talking about we had the great condition of having two Air Masses coming together, {A ConVergence}. Well on that Particular Day those up in the Air including me got quite High. I remember shortly after I had landed. A Pilot came up to Me and asked me: "Did you get into the Shear?" I said to him no I did not. I got up into the Convergence. So. I want to ask a question{ What is a Shear? I truly do not get it.

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By WhackityWhack
It is interesting that you pose this question as a few of us "powered pilots" were discussing how we rarely hear the term used in Free Flight circles. Shear, or Wind Shear, is basically two air masses rubbing together because of different velocities and or directions. It can be horizontal shear or vertical (like on the edge of a strong thermal). There will be turbulence of some type associated with it; the strength of which will be determined by the differences in the air masses' different speeds and direction. We, in free flight, DO talk about Wind Gradient which is also a type of shear as it is still the difference in speeds or direction of the two parcels of air.

Shear can be very dangerous for us close to the ground, no matter if we are in a 747 or a Falcon, as a sudden shear from our tail can take away airspeed in an instant. ( Adding a few extra knots by pulling in for speed on final helps there. )

In your discussion of "shear" with the gentleman, If there was a convergence of two air masses producing lift, there would have to be a "shear zone" . I think most people would talk about flying in the "convergence" though.
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By kukailimoku2
It may just be a semantic thing. The regulars refer to the boost at Marina as a "shear" (30' to 2,000' is quite an afternoon) but it was a huge mass of warm air that didn't seem to be drifting with the wind. Surface winds were soarable down on the ridge but there was a pack of us just boating around in it. No violent entry or exit, it just eventually dissipated.

Good fun but a little spooky without a parachute...
Weather I was flying our inland Mountain Site, or say the Costal site. I thought? And I very much enjoyed the outcome: I was able to climb and enjoy my flight. I had one flight off Mount Diablo When I launched from Juniper Ridge during a Day when the wind was coming into launch there at Juniper Ridge at a very firm rate. I would guess that it was coming in at Oh I do not really know how strong it was. It might have been 20 or 25 MPH. Well i took off, and I quickly did the elevator Vertical launch. Then it was time to snoop around the West side of the Mountain snooping around for a Thermal. Well right away this was what I did. ell I quickly got up while drifting over the back all the while I had my Predator Cranked up in a steep bank. I was coring that Thermal. I seriously was enjoying my ride towards I guess the direction was East coupled with a Northerly movement component. Well between my Beloved Mount Diablo and my Home that is located in Brentwood California. I was able to rise above 8,300 feet. F-Y-I 8,500 feet flying Mount Diablo simply does not happen. F-Y-I : Mount Diablo is 3,848 feet high.

Well that evening I called one of my friends who had much more time flying Diablo than I did. I described my flight, along with the conditions. Well Kevin said to Me: " On that day due to the strong winds coming from the West. His Theory was that the Winds were being split as they powered their way past the Mountain. Then the winds came back together on the East side of the Mountain setting up a Convergence on the Back side of the Mountain. I was there flying ,my Predator that day. I got my E-Ticket ride that Day for sure.
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