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By Roadrunner71
You Guys really truly have no idea how badly I want to Fly some More. I have had two flights in a two seat Grobe Sailplane. I see sailplane as a lateral move. I have only had those two flights in that Two seat Grobe SailPlane. But can you say: PERFORMANCE! What a Bird it was!

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By LoganR
I am working on my FAA glider and have 20 flights and 13 hours in a Grob 103 Twin Astir, I very much agree with the word "lateral" thus far and certainly can't argue with "performance". Let me know if I can answer any questions about the learning process as I am currently going through it. Where are you flying?
Logan and everyone else. I have only had two flights in Sailplanes. I so hope to be able to return to my Home, up in the Sky. But due to some health deficiencies that I am experiencing Currently I have not been flying that tremendous performer that Grobe that I had two flights in. I was having a problem with P-I-O's in roll. This I must overcome to Solo that Bad-Bird.

But, I see Sailplanes as a great fun, new flying experience for me to embark on. Heck, P-I-O-ING is not a new Experience for me. When I made the transfer from my First Glider that was a 225 Falcon, to my 2nd Glider that was a Predator 158. I experienced severe P-I-O-ING . On my second Flight on the Predator i quickly learned that by relaxing my Death grip on the Bar, and largely ignoring the Rolling experience. I found my self flying a Glider that would fly flat and nice.

I hope to experience the same experience in a Sail-Plane.

Fellow Pilots when I get some more time flying one of those performance machines. I will begin to figure out how to put an end to my P-I-O experience.
Hi Logan:

I had my {Two Grobe Flights] at the byron AirPort in Byron California. Byron is located in the East Bay Area of of San Francisco. I'm really looking forward to doing some more Three-Axis-Control Flying. I see flying a SailPlane as a great
New Flying Machine foor me to discover How to Fly.

Well, Good-By Chris McKeon
By Roadrunner71
You Guys need to know how when flying my Predator. Well actually during the landing process. I almost Died. But I want to get back into the Air in the worst way! So, for now anyways it is me in a Grobe.
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