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By Roadrunner71
How Heavy how you guys Flown at while flying Solo on a High Performance Glider. Please state the size of the Glider, and it's make.
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By flyzguy
Body weight ~ 240 lbs on a sport 2 175. Handled really well of course!
By blindrodie
220 pounds on a WW U2 145. Flew great under the conditions. Still fly at top end these daze. Just have to keep that in mind!

By Roadrunner71
Well. I have Flown my Predator 158 when I used Water as Ballast . I flew at a Hook-in rating of 340 Pounds. Please take note I was able to have a couple of No-Step landings. John told me that as far as he knows. I have flown the Predator 158 at a Heavier Hook-In weight than anyone else.

I just want to say this: If you hook-in above three hundred pounds. Then try a Predator. For it is a heavy lifting Body.

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