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By Roadrunner71
My Friend Pilot-X and I just got off the phone. We were talking about his flight Today up at Indian Valley California. Well { X } told me that while He was flying up there, over Keatty Ridge he got to 11,100'. I say: Good Flying equals a good time.

YES: Good on You X.
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By remmoore
Yeah, his friends are pretty lame - especially that X. After getting to 11K+ cloudbase, he flew his ATOS VR on a 30 mile circuit to Lake Almanor and back, then landed on a golf course driving green. X may be pathetic, but IV is way fun!
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By cheesehead
Have heard of Indian Valley. After 20 years of living in central CA, I get the feeling it's not conveniently located to the masses (if so, hallelujah) or flown regularly by many of us? Those qualities are all that's saved the remaining sites around me. A lack of those qualities has been the major factor for 5 "local" site closures (or extremely limited access to) since I moved to CA in '94.
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By remmoore
It's an unregulated site, accessed by a Forest Service road, and maintained (brush cutting) by those who fly it. LZ's are all privately owned, with only a few of the landowners aware of our presence. It's not exactly "under the radar" but pilots try to keep things low-key. Generally, the locals think of us as nice folks, but lacking the common sense to stay on the ground.


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