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As for my ugly?...well i think one of my mistakes was in that category, however most of my uglies happened many decades before handy cams!...I will briefly mention these but first i want to explain my reasoning for this post.I think we have a more lasting impression when you make the mistake yourself however that is not to say you cannot learn from others mistakes...i know i have and its a lot less painful physically, mentally and financially. :lol: ....now those early uglies, i learnt a painful lesson, when i borrowed a mates more advanced glider and stalled tailwind, crashing back onto the rocky top.A reshaped nose and my only hospitalisation and relearnt respect for my non abilities....I learnt never be too proud for a wire assist after slamming onto a rocky road behind t.o. in strong winds..lucky i was in the spoon drain and glider took the brunt...the left knee was sore for a few weeks though! These next two were potential uglies i guess,..desperate to land on a xc ,i convinced myself the two power poles i flew between were disused and no wires,packing up was sobering looking back at power lines somehow missed! NEVER assume because you don"t see them the wires aren"t there ..and check the crossbeams to figure wires directions...We were starting to fly first generation 70% double surface gliders,i had ground looped mine trying too hard to scratch up on sand dunes.After replacing a d.t. and reforming some battens, my next fly i experienced a really bad r.h. turn and had to land quickly before i was too tired to keep it level.Grumbling to a mate packing up , he walked over to my glider and to my protestations of"" stop, don"t open that,i will have to realign it"..he ripped apart the velcro holding my d.s. together then waved me over.When i peered inside the sail i couldn"t believe it.The r.h. crossbar was bent at least a foot off centre in the middle!! Thank god Aussie gliders were built strong...The three lessons of ....Check your equipmentThoroughly after incidents,test fly from appropriate sites and be familiar with your gear was not lost on the club members as the sound of opening velcro became a normal thing! If posting this video encourages constructive comment or a chuckle on me, well thats ok. :roll:

You're a good sport about your the landings that don't quite work out. I think landings are something that everyone struggles with from time to time. It's not really taught but learning how to absorb a hard landing is a bit of a skill and at times it's part of the decision making process.

A lot of times there is new information available when you're on final. You see the power lines and fences that were all but invisible from 500 ft higher. Do you hit the fence or turn hard and try to run out the downwind landing? I'd say a good call on your part.

Sometimes you get surprised by a quick wind change or thermal breaking away as your about to flare. There's nothing to be done by try to get the wind off the back, flare/run hard (when possible), and let go of at least one of the down tubes as you dive through the control frame.

Thanks for posting.
Thanks for your comments Lucky-Chevy, most times when viewing paddocks from above there is something to notice about a fence line....a different coloured grass either side perhaps, a cattle trail from them following the fence, often its the shadows from the posts, this fence was the "perfect storm" of invisibility!...Electric fences are even harder to see!.....What really annoyed me the most was i had pg mate who correctly mentioned the fence and where it came from, which i looked for again and again, because i had plenty of height ....and never once saw it! Near the end of my surveilance when he said he had easily approached near the fence at the back of the paddock and landed with plenty of room, i had a dumb light bulb moment when that fence you see just before i turn final was THE fence.As i rolled level i finally saw THE fence....i had seconds to make a decision and maybe wisely i rolled away and dealt with it....i passed up easier paddocks to practice an outlanding in an unfamiliar spot although a pilot already there to make it easy for me! If the call instead had been "there is a fence dividing the paddock in two"....that i would have got!!....I am still friends with Daniel, it was mostly my bad anyway....look at it this way, i got to practice again how to crash without hurting yourself. :surrender:
Charlie: I think it is admirable that you put up this Post showing these less than Spot-On landings. Heck, I for one have experienced some less than perfect, Full Arm extension flared landings. But I never flew with a Video Camera that would capture my follies.

Well, thanks for posting the Video.

Good By Chris McKeon CCMCK@GOLDSTATE.NET 925-497-1059.
I was just watching this Video again. It got me thinking about Flying. It really does not take much to get me to start thinking about Flying. I was watching your aproches bleed off energy, until the time was appropriate to initiate a flair. It got me to thinking about my own landings where i did not want to wait too long to initiate a Full-Arm extension Flair. These new Body Cameras are very Cool.

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