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By Roadrunner71
I do plan on Flying a Sailplane again. The thing I do want to resolve is my tendency to start over correcting in roll. What will happen is: UnderTow I will say experience the Aircraft roll say to the left port. I would apply right Aileron. The Aircraft would no longer be rolling to the Left. It would roll, too far to the right. I would then apply left aileron. Ther Sailplane would end up rolling too far to the Left, and then I would experience this P-I-O over and over again. As the Plane would begin rolling over and over again. would raise my hands in frustration, then ask my Instructor Mikeal to take control. He would get us once again flying Wings level. I experienced this P-I-O condition under Tow Only. I have a question: just how out of shape in roll can one get?

In the Past flying Hang Gliders. I experienced P-I-O. Like when I fly my second Glider for some of it's first Flights. I will say that Gliders will P-I-O. My Predator would P-I-O violently. I quickly to ignore the rolling of the Glider. I did not fight it. I learned to relax, Result: P-I-O oscillations went away.

I see flying that Grobe Sailplane as a new challenge for me to master. I just need to figure out this tendency of mine to

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By Forger
Sailplanes have a lot of inertia and damping and thus it takes longer than a typical airplane to start a roll rate as well as stop a roll rate. They also have much more adverse yaw and thus require more rudder inputs. In fact, if I want to do a quick turn in a sailplane I mash the rudder pedal to the floor a moment before slamming the stick laterally. PIOs often begin because the pilot did not lead the roll out properly and overshot the desired bank. Often attempts to correct the overshoot results in a larger input and subsequent larger overshoot(s). BUT in my experience many PIOs on tow are due to pilots trying to use bank angle to correct the lateral alignment behind the tow plane, instead, they should be matching the tow plane's bank attitude and use rudder to slide left or right to the proper position. If the tow plane is in a turn a good rule of thumb for maintaining proper turn radius is to point the glider's nose to the outside wingtip.
I believe that when I get to fly a SailplaNE AGAIN. i think that I will make an effort to keep attempting to correct the Pio's myself. When I was flying the Grobe with my Instructor in the back seat. I think that I gave up prematurely when as the Glider began it's rolling. I believe that I raised my hands and gave the Aircraft to Mikeal too soon. I now think that i could have worked my way through these excessive rolls.

Well, there will be : {NEXT TIME}
When I began flying Sailplanes My instructor pounded into my head fly the plan relaxed with 3 fingers (Thumb, first and second finger). I flew Blanik L-23, Blanik L-13, Schleicher Ka-7, and ASK-21 First solo was in the Ka-7 followed directly by the L-13. He also always said make micro adjustments during tow wait a second if it is not enough make a small amount more. Lastly He always said go to neutral stick and wait a second and let the glider tell you what to do. But all of this is subjective ALWAYS take your instructors advise and try to make the adjustments as advised by Him/Her.
I like the responses to my Query. I can't wait to try the Ide of grasping the control stick, holding it with the three fingers and my Thumb. Thinking about this really brings my Mind back to the Day I took my Second flight in my second Glider. When I had my first flight on the Predator. I experienced a severe case of PIO resulting in a radical case of stronger, and faster Rolls. I quickly took action, and simply ignored the rolls, I relaxed. My P-I-O's went away that day, never to return.

Ihope to find the "CURE to MY SAILPLANE P-I-O's" in the same manner

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