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By Roadrunner71
Hi Guys:

I've just been thinking about, what else do I think about? I think about Flying. Well, check this Idea of mine out. I hope that when I am flying again. I think it would be cool to do some radical Camping, call it SKY CAMPING. Well I can see loading my Predator up onto my Truck, and driving myself up to Wolf's Peak-Sonora Pass California.

Where I will have enough warm stuff so as to be comfortable through a night spent sleeping under the Stars up on the Sierra's. I see myself launching and then flying either North or flying South along the Sierra Mountain range. Well when I feel like I have flown far enough, I will land up on the Mountain range. I then will spend the night. The Next Morning. I will need to eat the Food that I have taken with me. I will assemble my Predator, launch, then fly back to Sonora Pass, where I will land. Then I will pack-up and drive mySelf home.

I do not see a reason that this SKY-CAMPING idea of Mine Will not work. One of my primary concerns is that I would Pile in during my Landin. I can imagine myself soaring along looking down for an spot to land, that had some people who were there to witness my landing.

I used to do this: On many Days during the week. My friend Pilot-X would be my Witness when I launched up on Diablo. Well I would call "X" on my phone. Well Pilot-X would watch my launch on the webcam that used to be set-up on Diablo.

OK: So guys, what do you think of my idea? It could be done. I think this would be Radically Cool.

By cheesehead
PG pilots, particularly in Europe, have done this many times, often for more than just one night. Of course they have many more suitable landing spots, and can just land near a restaurant and hike up to a decent launch. I really liked MY Predator, too, but I wouldn't hike up, down and around mountain ranges with it on my shoulder...
But actually I am biwingual and too old and too lazy to do that with my PG either. PG's hot shots tend to be a lot younger than the average HG pilot.
By Roadrunner71
I'm talking about using existing skills that I already have. Skills such as Mountain Launching. Landing up in the Mountains. Skills such as having proficient up Hill-Down wind skills. The only variable would be needing to pack the gear in what you would sleep, and food.

Just thinking about this: Sky Camping, really fires me up. By doing this, the Adventure would continue. {Flying} especially in the beginning was an adventure for me. I am all for continuing the Adventure.
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By miraclepieco
Alpine Bivouac Flying.
Please forgive me if you've seen me post this before; I assume there are some newcomers who have not seen this classic article.
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By Roadrunner71

I really see that One's primary consideration would be: How to pack enough gear. Gear as in Items so that you could spend a night comfortably, and to Cary enough Food so that you could eat. Naturally weight would be a big concern. I just think that to fly down, or up the sierra Mountain range. To up on the range so that the following day you could fly Back would be radically Cool!

Well I realize that I am an injured Pilot typing my Dreams. So just bear with me. But know that I see flights such as these along with the Camping as the most outrageous {OUT AND RETURN} that I can think of doing with my Glider.

Well this Body Weight Deal, Should not be Too Big an Issue. I mean i have using water as Ballast. I have flown my Predator with a Hook-In weighjt number of 340 Pounds.

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