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I have eight days off next week. I live in the Sacramento area and I'm trying to decide where to go hang gliding/Camping. I'm going solo so I'd like to visit an active week day flying area that's about 8-9 hours drive for my max distance. I was thinking Salt Lake, UT and giving the point at the mountain a shot. Any suggestions for an active week day flying location. Camping at HG location would be a plus but not a necessity.


8 days in a row might get a little dull at the point, but you might meet pilots there who will guide you to the other big mountain sites Crawfords, Hurricane, etc.). Don't know anything about camping there. Funston could get boring after a few days & no camping. Are Dunlap, Slick Rock, Kagel, or Crestline within your driving tolerances? All consistent & busy this time of year, all except Kagel have free or cheap camping. Kagel & Crestline very well-used all the time. Much smaller numbers of locals at Dunlap and Slick Rock, but I could give you some contact info that would help you find friendly others, both unbiased HG & PG, interested in flying with you almost every day. Slick Rock is my personal favorite; great flying, beautiful, cool locals, camping in giant sequoia groves 15 minutes from great, easy launch.
I'll second Crawfords, which is not far from the Point. But, check with the locals about the mosquitos, they can be very bad there. You can camp on launch and the tiny town nearby has some small, but clean cabins for rent.
Thanks for the the info. I think I'll try UT. Crawford's looks unbelievable and definitely want to give it a try and also hit the point. maybe fly Reno too....

Anybody know somebody for a site intro at Crawford's and the Point in UT and Slide in Reno NV?

If any Northern Cali HG/PG pilots have some time off, I could use a wing-man to fly with. I have plenty of room in my truck and camper (very large pop-up camper). Taking my dog, so he'll be hanging out with me too. Heading out 21-29 June.... Just fly'n and Camp'n

Regarding the Point, just show up there. If it's flyable at all, plenty of pilots will be there. And if you can't contact somebody before that about the Crawfords, plenty of pilots at the point can give you info and probably will be interested in joining you. If you haven't spent much time away from most of CA, be aware that MOSQUITOES SUCK!!! Dealing with them sucks. Personal bug repellent products work, but having those products on your skin sucks. They stink and feel a little stinky.
Definitely mosquito season at the Crawfords. That being said you are fine when it is soarable. When the wind dies in the evening is when they come out.

Fly, break down ASAP, and get out of there. Helps if you top land too as they are way worst in the valley. Really easy top landing if you are with some one that knows where and how to set up the approach. Uphill into the wind....

Also I second cheesehead that there is always someone at the point willing to lend a helping hand if it is even nearly soarable. Some of the friendliest pilots in the country. This is the season for the north side glass off too as long as it is not pre frontal south which makes the south side good for HGs due to typical higher wind speeds.

Good luck and have fun. :mosh:

Oh and BTW I highly recommend Francis peak too. 30 to 45 minute 5000 ft flight even with no lift.

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