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Hello, my name is Marian Madalin, mechanical engineer and aviation
passionate. I am trying to open myself a small aerospace museum or
open space for any kind of aircraft here in my country(Romania). The project is
entirely nonprofit and will be based exclusively on donations. It is
more like an educational project and background to inspire and
encourage young people, like students and school children to start a
career in this domain.

Can you help me with some donations/sponsorships of gliders in any condition: broken, damaged, non-flying etc to be put into this expo space ? If you have more questions, please reply or call me anytime at +40748230945. Thank you.

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By red
Marian Madalin,

Nice plan! Best wishes, there. So much of our history gets lost; it is good to see people who will preserve it. Those old gliders may have fatal flaws, but they still do represent progress, in the history of personal flight.

You might want to contact the national HG clubs of Britain, Germany, and Australia for more help in your search.




HG is mostly a big, inclusive family that can easily span borders. Shipping costs and tariffs can be daunting, though. Check for tax relief that may be available for a non-profit operation. Check shipping rates by boat, railways, and trucks. Some carriers prefer not to ship any aircraft, so you may avoid difficulties by shipping sails and airframes separately as just plain "spare parts" rather than shipping as complete assemblies or parts of aircraft.

Happy hunting! :mrgreen:
@Red, thanks again for your positive thoughts and honorable intention to preserve your entire life work and passion. But no matter how hard I try, people don't care about these anymore. These days they look at flight and aviation domain as simple tools to make money. Very sad, but I already made contact with all hang gliding associations all over the world and without any result. I finally obtained after eight months from a dutch former pilot a complete hang glider. That is all. Thanks again.
When shipping a hang glider, don't call it a hang glider. Say it's "aluminum tubing and Dacron." You're more likely to get HG stuff donated by individuals on this website or the OZ Report than you will contacting HG clubs and schools. I highly doubt the donors will pay for the rather high cost of shipping though.

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