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By Chico_MON
On my Mind: You know Hang Gliding is addictive when always bird-dogging the forward looking weather. How do you know you are addicted to Hang Gliding?

Piensando: Se que volando una Delta es adictivo ?Como ustedes saben que eres adictivo sobre volando alas Delta?

saludos & greetings


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By Charlie Romeo
Hi Chico-Mon, since i live in the country and fly here too,i am always looking at landing spots and best approaches in differing winds. My wife will tell you many more :roll:
By Roadrunner71
I find myself thinking about flying my Predator all the Time. Even though since March 28th 2010 I have not flown my Predator. I really love to fly. I have done two Tandem SailPlane flights though. Yes I will fly just about anything. But I do not believe that I will ever have what one needs in order to fly a Paraglider. So I do not see the Day when I will fly a Paraglider.
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By DBrose
I fly a predator and I love it. Very fast and easy to land...it's big tho
By Roadrunner71
Right now, my Body weight is 193 Lbs. I thought that my 158 Predator felt big when I weighed around One Hundred pounds more. Well, maybe it will be time for me to: Step Down to a One Forty Two Predator. Then i might be able to continue my Smoking times when I fly in future Speed-Gliding events.

I just Love my One Fifty Eight Predator. I have while using Water Ballast, I have flown my Predator at a Three Hundred Forty Hook-In weight.

Great Sport Hang Gliding, Great Glider.
By cheesehead
Though I've had my advanced rating for over 20 years, the only officially H4 rated glider I've ever owned was a small Predator. Predators were already an old design when I got my used one, and I really liked and felt comfortable on it. You can still get a new one, and I don't think anything else with a kingpost beats its performance. I also got a used Saturn (which UP still makes) at the same time, and I don't think there's a better H2 rated glider out there--unless I'm wrong about thinking that all of the other lowest-rated double surface gliders currently available are certified as H3s (Sport, Gecko, etc.). Saturns are VERY easy to launch, fly, and land, but the VG is a joke. I think Predators and Saturns are significantly less expensive than their competitors too. Curious how long Heiney and his partner at UP are going to keep making/supporting them. Seems like nobody buys them new anymore.
By Roadrunner71
Well I just might be a future Customer for a New Predator, Why? Well now that I am a hundred pounds less than I was when I pounded my 158. I think that my 158 Predator might very well be too big for me. I might need to get a 142 Predator.

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