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By red
bigbird wrote:
Sat Jun 02, 2018 8:26 pm
Dan Buchanan is killed at an airshow in Idaho! Damn!!
http://www.idahostatesman.com/latest-ne ... 15944.html.

Not many can fly, when they can't even walk. He was a beacon of hope to all who saw him fly. It was a joy to watch him fly at a Utah airshow, years ago.

Fly higher and further now, brother pilot.
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By miraclepieco
I was friends with Dan and have flown with him a lot. If anyone has any more details that may shed light on how this tragedy happened please let us know.
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By bigbird
At least one report mentions a "crosswind" and the glider being "flipped upside-down". This seems extremely unlikely and is probably the opinion of an untrained eye. I'm sure the thorough investigation that will be done will show the actual cause, but that may take some time.
The last time I talked to Dan in person was at the Reno Air Races. He was a great ambassador for our sport and just an all-around great guy. The only site I remember flying with Dan was at Hat Creek many years ago.
A spectator at the Idaho show was filming an F-22 taxiing and catches Dan in the background on what looks to me like his final approach. I didn't see anything unusual but Dan is well off in the distance. The crash is not captured. You have to scroll down to see the footage here: http://www.ibtimes.com/idaho-air-show-d ... sh-2686764.
RIP, Dan
By SteveKessinger
I first met Dan 20somthing years ago when we dropped him from a balloon a couple times to open the Sonoma County Balloon Festival, we got reacquainted a few years ago when I started working in Air Operations at the Sun n' Fun Airshow. It was great to see him again and get caught up after so many years, and I was glad to follow his success in the airshow world.

Damn... Damn.... damn....

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By lizzard
I didnt know Dan but over the years i found that flying at airshows to be the most unpredictable and high pressure environment to be in . Weather, other aircraft tight schedules all run against our fairweather wings ....Ad to that pilots who show their best bravado in million dollar monsters..or whatever you name them .
Wake turbulance for a hang glider can be 5 minutes or more when jets are about ..
May answer to air shows after doing 2 was "never ever again" ......even with out military jets.
Of course this is speculation but the risks are made much more unpredictable in that environment for everybody.
Im sure he knew the risks and perhaps there is merit in doing what you love ...no matter what.
R.I.P. Dan

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