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By peterkoistinen
Will possibly "scooter tow or static tow?" my VQ. I'm not sure exactly what it's called but it's where you lay out about 2000 feet of line from winch to glider and the winch reels in and the pilot does a running foot launch. Step tow is also a possibility with this system.


what flap setting to use?

is a "wing runner" assistant necessary to level the wings at beginning of launch?

any other advice or cautions?



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By Lucky_Chevy
That sounds like scooter towing. The launch should not be any more demanding than a mountain launch. The angle of attack feels a lot higher when taking off from flat ground. You must be able to hold the wing level and set the AOA before yelling "clear". Another possibility is to launch from an aerotow dolly; that removes a lot of variables and should be easier.

Step towing isn't generally done with this setup. That normally requires a platform tow setup. Plan to get about 20% of the line length depending on headwind.

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