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Hi Everyone,

I've been setting up and breaking down my sport 2 for about 15-20 times now and I just can't seem to fold the sail properly. There are a couple of ugly creases in the sail already that shouldn't be there if I had it folded properly. With my previous glider I just layed it down flat by deattaching the front cables , deattach rear cables at the same time, but keep them tensioned by hand and then lay it down flat to take the battens out and fold the sail. This way I was able to do it properly.

Does anyone know if I can do it with the sport 2 as well without bending stuff that shouldn't be bend? Just like this video all the way at the end:

Cheers! :mosh:

Do you really "fold" your sail or roll it? Do the creases disappear or close to it when you tighten the sail? I've known pilots who intentionally fold their sails, let creases develop, and those same few creases remain the only ones. They're not an issue when the sail is tight. The argument is that rolling causes the resins in the sail to break down all over and rag it out more quickly. Don't know whose logic is better. Sailors swear by rolling.
You're right, I mean roll the sail, somehow I can't seem to find the edit button to edit the original post. I try to roll the sail, but it keeps giving me new folds, not just the normal 'wrinkles' the sail's getting when properly rolled if this all makes sense..
With one glider I owned, I followed the advice of a folder. He showed me the correct method (there is one) and I think I had that glider for at least 5 years. The sail held up fine, and any creases were mild enough to go away when sail was tightened. Again, I don't claim to know the best method.

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