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I really do wonder if it will be appropriate if i was to use this Forum to do some research that I want to pursue? I have a couple of questions that I want to pursue. I think that being i can ask my Questions to a group of Pilots such as you guys here. It would most likely give me an appropriate answer. Please reply and let me know if This might be O-K.

Good By, Chris McKeon CCMCK@GOLDSTATE.NET 925-497-1059

Well it's about some things that are connected to Hang Gliding. Such as my asking for a recommendation as to which Video Camera I should get. As of now: April 25th 2010 I am not flying my Predator. But that will change. I fully intend to return to flying my Hang-Glider. There are other uses that I need, and will need a Video Camera for. Such as when I fly a SaIL Plain . Or Possibly when I get my next flight in a Sail-Plane. It would be fun to record the flight.

I see that this collection of Pilots is a great resource of information. I just would like to take advantage of this collection of some well informed knowledgeable People.

Go over to your buddy Chuck Fry's place. They've got a decent selection of action cams at pretty good prices. You can get Chinese GoPro knockoffs for really cheap, or name-brand stuff if you want to pay more. I don't think any of them are "bad" - I've got one of the 4K Chinese knock offs I bought for under $50 and it's still working just fine for my needs.

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