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I just wish the U.S. would start making some headway on the electric motors and such. I've looked into Dealerships and it would still cost me over $11,000 USD to get a microlite SS wing and motor with decent battery power from Germany. I see there's a British group in India making them as well but the price to import is still too steep for moi!

Again, Dealer cost on the SS rig that one of those hot German pilots flies...is it Christian maybe Manfred that flies the Millennium all over? It's been a while since I inquired. It's on his website.

Info on the ATOS Wing:

It's electric powered and there are three versions.
  • Glider Version (to be towed up)
    Open Cockpit Electric
    Closed Cockpit Electric w/ a fully retractable propeller
The Atos Wing is a continuation of the Atos cage project. It is now configured for the pilot to be in a seated position and an electric motor has been added. The current electric motor provides a 3m/s climb rate and a range of up to 300km.

It weights ~70kg in the glider configuration and ~120 kg as electric version. It will be certified in Germany as 120kg class 3 axis micro light.

It's built to be transported on top of the car with in pieces, each about 20 kg, with the electric equipment in the car/trailer). It is configured for a simple one-man set up in just a few minutes.

With the pilot in the center of lift, wings appear to end at the pilot's body. The pilot has a very good feeling for conditions even in light lift great control in strong conditions with the big dampened tail stabilization. The view is good in straight flight and perfect when thermalling.

The Wing flies slow when thermalling and has a best L/D of 28 when flying 50 km/h. It is expected to be approved with a Vne of 120 km/h.

When taking off, with a 1.6m propeller and 20 kw, it is airborne in ~40m. Landing is easy because of the slow speed characteristics and steep approaches are possible for small fields with the airbrake and 1,1m clearance, enough to land in high gras and with a strong landing gear for rough fields.

It will be easily flown by any glider pilot familiar with a stick-and-rudder but it's simpler because of the the lack of adverse yaw (spoiler control) and the good stall behavior.

The plan is to be in serial production at the start of 2019.
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