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By magentabluesky
A quick check on the USHPA website does no show he is a member of the USHPA.

Some would say the authorities are not interested in what we do - - What me worry?

Yea, right!

Save Part 103 . . . . . . . . . The Real Crusade to Save Free Flight.

Watch as paraglider flies in controlled airspace above Boca Raton

By Gary Detman, WPEC-CBS12

April 4, 2016 4:45pm

A video obtained by WPEC-CBS 12 captured the efforts of a sheriff’s helicopter crew as they tried to ground a paraglider flying in controlled airspace above the Boca Raton shoreline.

The trespass into the protected space happened March 28 above South Ocean Boulevard, according to a report from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

It was a call from the Boca Raton Control Tower that alerted the sheriff’s office about the paraglider operating without clearance in the Boca Raton Airport Class D Airspace.

The agency’s helicopter, the Eagle, caught up with the paraglider about 500 feet in the air and sounded its siren, the report said.

Although the helicopter team thought the paraglider, John Wagenhals, saw them tracking him, he made no attempt to leave the controlled area and continued floating around in the motorless glider.

Boca Raton police officers eventually got Wagenhals attention and he made a landing on the beach.

Police spoke with Wagenhals, 39, of Boca Raton, and with the help of the helicopter, showed him the boundaries of the controlled airspace, according to the report.

By Roadrunner71
I find that by watching this Thread. I remember that after my last flight, where severely pounded into the Ground after a short little X_C Flight. I remember being in my Hospital Bed in the Hospital. I had regained consciousness after being in a Comma for Two Months.. Well I recall My first thought regarding flying Hang Gliders of our Killer Local Mountain. Was that I was quite Concerned that being that I had begun my Flight off our Mountain. I worried that some one would use the reality of my X-C Flight against us. But, all was and is Good.

I am fully aware of the fact that I could indeed Die flying a Hang-Glider. I accept that. I KNOW THAT WE ALL BEING h-G Pilots run the risk of crashing. But NEVER should we allow our actions to jeopardize our Free Flight, NEVER!
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By magentabluesky
In today’s world busting a Presidential TFR is a big deal and threatens our freedom to fly.

We have come a long way in education and safety of the sport.

In the early day’s Joe Faust invited President Nixon to take an interest in Low and Slow.

This is same “Old Fart” who recently got the County of Los Angeles to approve “waiver only” flying at Dockweiler.

A Letter from Rose Mary Woods!
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By TjW
Not to interrupt your rant or anything, but this sounds a lot like "Hang gliders frightens bighorn sheep in Palm Springs" or "Hang glider varios frighten birds in Owens Valley".

I'll give you the flying into restricted airspace one.
By Roadrunner71
You know Guys: When I was flying my Predator oh say when I was flying my Predator having launched from Mount Diablo California. I wonder when I was thermalling in a Thermal, and I would Core through some Bird of Prey. Did I Violate a law by doing so?
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By Paul H
Back when there were a lot more people flying hang gliders there were all kinds of incidents and "horror stories". The big difference now is that there are far more people flying paragliders than there are flying hang gliders AND nearly everyone is flying with a camera or in front of one. EVERYTHING gets put into the public eye now. That didn't used to be the case. It makes it a lot easier for the people with an agenda to point at paragliding and say they are ruining things for the rest of us.
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By magentabluesky
Always check notams and your charts for restricted airspace and check in with the local club for special rules applying to the flying site.

As a note Sensitive Wildlife Areas and Wilderness Areas are requested minimum altitudes while National Marine Sanctuaries are designated prohibited flight areas.

§ 922.2 Mission, goals, and special policies.
(a) In accordance with the standards set forth in title III of the Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act of 1972, as amended, also known as the National Marine Sanctuaries Act (Act) the mission of the National Marine Sanctuary program (Program) is to identify, designate and manage areas of the marine environment of special national, and in some cases international, significance due to their conservation, recreational, ecological, historical, research, educational, or aesthetic qualities.
(b) The designation of a National Marine Sanctuary, and the regulations implementing it, are binding on any person subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. § 922.4 Effect of National Marine Sanctuary designation.

Penalty Matrix for the National Marine Sanctuaries Act (PDF)

Policy for the Assessment of Civil Administrative Penalties and Permit Sanctions NOAA Office of the General Counsel – Enforcement and Litigation (PDF)

I Fly America Nature’s Protected Areas: A Potential Risk to Aircraft

PPG Flying In Wilderness Areas

AC No: 91-36D(PDF)

I hope the links help.
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By DMarley
It's merely human to dislike that or those who are dissimilar to oneself. This has been cultivated through thousands of years of human development and survival. If one investigates thoroughly enough, we can see this attribute in all successful species.
So, don't dislike those who dislike.
But I gotta tell ya, all the paraglider pilots I've met have been nice people. Perhaps a few of them are a little aero-uneducated, but they seem quite willing to learn. Perhaps most of this species are not as terrible as others would have us believe.
But then one of them (pg'er) goes and does something in front of me that puckers my sphincter. Very easy to be swayed by that repulsive reaction brought on by the apparent lack of similitude.
By blindrodie
I too have met a lot of PG pilots and they are as you say, except for the occasional idiot (of which there are on both sides). :twisted: Then again I've seen a few HG rookies that should never have left the bunny hill...getting ready to jump a big hill.

Live and let live, fly until I die! :wink:


PS. I just joined again after a little break so HG numbers are UP!
By blindrodie
Couldn't find anything better, is that it?
Well TBH I fly (mostly PL-some FL) a lot of places that don't require anything to fly there but knowledge of a keys location and/or favorable wind direction! I paid into the RRRG and then waited to see how it went... :thumbsup:

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By DMarley
Oh, right. This thread is about hating them. I momentarily forgot that. Apologies.

Let's see... what do I dislike about them.....

Oh yeah,.... they always have these silly looking smiles plastered across their ugly mugs.
That, and they appear to be having fun.
And down on the ground, they're more than merely likable.

Friggin' flyin' parachute drivers! :lol:
Jellies I say. All jellies. :cuss:
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By red
blindrodie wrote:
Tue May 08, 2018 12:05 pm
I too have met a lot of PG pilots and they are as you say, except for the occasional idiot (of which there are on both sides). :twisted: Then again I've seen a few HG rookies that should never have left the bunny hill...getting ready to jump a big hill.
Live and let live, fly until I die! :wink:

Wish it was that simple, man. Unfortunately, a non-educated (not to say ignorant) pilot can be a deadly hazard to themselves and to others. This fact was brought home to me with ultimate seriousness a couple of years ago, and tragically, it was completely avoidable. The sky, like the sea, does not forgive any lack of diligence or knowledge.

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