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I firmly believe the Gliding-Soaring Clubs/Associations are the back bone of the Sport of Hang Gliding.

It is the members and their participation in those Clubs/Associations that keep the sport strong and make the sport grow.

What Gliding-Soaring Clubs/Associations have you supported in your lifetime as a dues paying member and participant?

Here is my list:

Hang Gliding
Arizona Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association (AZHPA)
Crestline Soaring Society (CSS)
Cross-County Pilots Association (Owens Valley-Rick Masters) (C-CPA)
Mother Lode Sky Riders (MLSR)
San Luis Obispo Soaring Association (SLOSA)
United States Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association (USHPA)

Central California Soaring Club (CCSC)
Experimental Soaring Association (ESA)
Soaring Society of America (SSA)
The Wing Is The Thing (Twitt)
Vintage Sailplane Association (VSA)

While each Club/Association had/have their particular focus, I have to say the small tight group at the Mother Lode Sky Riders (MLSR) stands out. I would run into them all over the place. They would have outings to Cuyama Valley, the Owens Valley, and at their home base McClure. Of course they had the John the Baptist of Hang Gliding – Ken Muscio – The Captain. The Mother Loders looked after each other. There was mentorship. I don’t know if they ever had an official USHPA/USHGA instructor, but they had Official Observers. If Hang Gliding is to grow, I would say the Mother Lode Sky Riders (MLSR) is the franchise model. Where is the John the Baptist of Hang Gliding?

The bigger question for the future is what Gliding-Soaring Clubs/Associations are you currently supporting and participating?

Michael Grisham
Fort Funston Fellow Feathers -Home Site


Wings of Rogallo- Also a Home Site, where I also hold a well-used observer rating.


Marin County Hang Gliding Association- Local Mountain site


Houston Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (Where I got my Aerotow Rating)

Here in Northern California. We have these Clubs, Clubs made up of some great Guys and Girls. THe sites that I am talking about are: The Mother Load SkyRiders, The Wings of Rogallo, and The Sonoma Wings. These Guys are Great People. I remember once at A Fly-In at Lake McClure. Well I was standing there talking to my Friend Ken Muscio. Well we saw a couple of the Sonoma Wings Pilots setting up their Gliders. Well K-M said to me: "THOSE GUYS CAME TO FLY" You know they really did do some good Flying.

I can not wait till I fly my Predator again. For I will be flying with my friends again.
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