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Just looked it up. How is it any different from Paragliding? So, for the sake of argument, let’s say I was an insured USHPA member & im flying my little paraglider around & I hit power lines on landing and cause damage. Would that not be covered if my wing loading/wing size was too big/small????
sg wrote:
Sat Apr 14, 2018 8:26 am
The title is misleading. USHPA is not a Hang Gliding organization. PG did not save a hang gliding organization. PG saved a SPORT flying organization.

If a new type of wing came out that was even easier to get into than PG, there would be no PG loyalty at ushpa. Its not a PG organization either.

They want membership numbers and could care less if they are HG, PG or whatever.

Hg pilots need to stop assuming they have a hang gliding organization. They simply dont.
If you want an organization that actually cares about hang gliding thriving specifically, then someone needs to start one.
I just wanted to say that I agree with everything you say, SG. As to starting one, the HGAA tried and failed and those guys over at http://www.loserville.org/ (as it's refered to around here :goodidea: ) have had how many years to get something going? :chair:

Hang gliding really does deserve its own national organization. :thumbsup:
Attached is the list of the Original First Seventeen Members of Low and Slow (and sometimes: Out of Control) the for-runner of the USHPA.

The list is pretty impressive with a broad resume for the group consisting of Aero-dynamists, Engineers, Editors, Photographers, Sailplane Pioneers, National and World Champion Sailplane Pilot, Metaphysical Guru, etc.

After 1971, some broke new ground and new world records.

Some are still with us and still practicing the art of flight.

First 17 LowandSlow.JPG
First 17 LowandSlow.JPG (48.03 KiB) Viewed 276 times
Re #1 issue of low and slow (post 403256)


So, Joe's unusual, free-association, list-based writing style is by no means a recent development

Thanks for sharing

And re the post immediately above-- yes that is an impressive list of members
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