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By BrentTurner
I have a old hang glider and need help with identification and air worthiness. I am in the Denver Colorado area and will bring the glider to anyone that has expertise in old gliders. the bag has been unzipped once 21 years ago and spent 10+ years in storage before that. The nylon ? wing material seems to be like new. If you are in the Denver area and could help a H-0 please drop me an email @ 2 brent turner@gmail.com, please remove the two spaces in the email address. Thanks in advance Brent
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By entelin
If you are a H0 and intend on flying it some day, bring it to your instructor I'm sure they would be happy to tell you what they think.
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By mgforbes
Hi Brent,

As it happens, the USHPA board meeting is in Golden next week. There will be a bunch of old hang glider
pilots there, including some who probably remember when your glider was the latest new model. :lol:
Depending on what it is, it might still be airworthy with some work...or it might be one of those gliders
that shouldn't be flown any more. I wouldn't automatically discount an ancient glider as unfit for
service...as someone who has an old Dream 185 that I still fly.

If you're interested, we'll be at the American Mountaineering Center in downtown Golden, meeting

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By Rick M

Contact Mark Windsheimer. He's the local HG instructor and will be able to help you out. Give him a phone call (better than email for him). His number is on the front page at http://www.airtimeabove.com

I live in downtown Denver and can help out if needed too.
By cheesehead
So, it's at least 30 years old? That's how long ago I started and I was broke. I could only afford to fly beat-up, obsolete gliders that were around 10 years old. They got me through my training hill days and my first few mountain sled runs. Today's beginner's gliders are so much nicer and easier to learn on. However, have someone with the appropriate knowledge take a look at it. It could serve some useful purpose as you get started.
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By mgforbes
I was just talking about your wing with a couple of hang glider pilots here at the BOD meeting. If you're headed over here, give me a call so we can make sure to meet up. Five-four-one Seven-Six-Zero Three-Two-Three-One

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By Ground Slammer
I use VOHGers to save better equipment on those first low and slow runs. If you damage it -no big loss. For old rusty pilots the vintage wing that they were last comfortable with-get a same era entry level glider is best for them. Hey they don't call me Ground Slammer for nothing-just wish I hadn't slammer the Alpine-that hurt :oops:

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