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By Lazypilot
by Paul H » Sat Mar 10, 2018 10:37 am

"What the hell is a willy willy technique?"

I don't know about willy willy. I have heard of "willy nilly", here's the definition:

whether one likes it or not.
"he would be forced to collaborate willy-nilly"
synonyms: haphazardly, at random, randomly, every which way, here and there, all over the place, in no apparent order
"cars were parked willy-nilly"
without direction or planning; haphazardly.
"politicians expanded spending programs willy-nilly"
synonyms: haphazardly, at random, randomly, every which way, here and there, all over the place, in no apparent order
"cars were parked willy-nilly".

Maybe he'll explain himself. It does seem like a familiar way of doing things, I'm ashamed to admit.
But meanwhile, back at the ranch:
Tolerance levels are a highly individualistic thing, whether it's air turbulence or how much beer. No one size fits all.

IIRC Wills Wing mounted a camera on the nose plate of a Pulley Special, it revealed that the cable moved ever so slightly.

I believe the best way to evaluate the effectiveness of such a device is to equip the pilot with a means of disabling it in flight, install a slider on the base tube that is spring loaded to center. A camera can be used to record both movement of the slider for stick force measurement and also a digital readout timer. With a glider so equipped a reasonably accurate measurement can be made of the effectiveness of any chosen Augmentation device.

Since I don't fly in comps I am eager for an invention that can be added to my existing flex wing that significantly reduces both the effort required and the response time.

So... what idea do you think is the one I should try? The Lever Link? Or what idea do you have that you think just might work? Don't be shy, I promise to be positive and supportive as I laugh my ass off. :twisted:

The one I am most attracted to is twisting the nose plate, or twisting an outer sleeve on the aft keel which the bottom of the keel pocket is attached to. Twisting it would raise one trailing edge while lowering the other side. In either case I think a cam could be used to provide a differential if that proves to be necessary. However if directional stability is increased or directional control is added then differential shouldn't be needed. For that matter simply pulling in while making a roll input might serve the same purpose. We're used to that already :)

I'm generally not in favor of dihedral in a glider due to ground handling concerns when it's windy. Also I suspect that a dihedralled glider would have a rock'n'roll ride in turbulence. But that said, it would be a reasonably light and cheap modification to install a yaw producing device and some dihedral. That system has been time proven to be effective for very slow Rc gliders, whereas ailerons don't do so well until the wing loading gets higher and speed increases.

Magentabluesky suggests a foam LE in front of the LE tube to house an internal deflexer. Well, deflexer or no, I think that a sail can be sewn with a straight LE, with no luff curve in it, and a foam insert that does have a luff curve would be placed between the LE tube and the LE of the sail.

This foam insert would be hot-wire cut for the LE radius and camber dresired, and then the insert would be installed in a fixture that bends it so that when the aft side is hot-wire cut for the LE tube a luff curve ends up being present once the foam is allowed to straighten. It would maybe provide some protection of the LE tube for those times a glider falls off the truck :goodidea:

One thing that might prove helpful is that it would displace the LE tube aft in the tip area of the sail. Having some wing area ahead of the structural LE would add aerodynamic balancing, so maybe sail tension wouldn't have to be so high for twist control.
It would mean bulkier bagged gliders though. :(

This could allow pilots to customize their flex wing handling qualities to suit their preferences. One insert for strong conditions, another for mild weather. It might be possible to just have extra smaller inserts that can be installed between the tube and the insert to increase the pre-load of the LE tube.

This might pave the way for home-building flex wings. No need to rip out a seam and re-sew to change the luff curve in the sail, simply hot-wire cut a new insert that changes the schedule of the pre-load curve. Foam is cheap, and a sewing machine isn't needed. I know that with my level of incompetence it wouldn't be long before I sewed my thumb to the sail. Ouch! Just thinking about it hurts.

Hey, come to think of it I wonder if our present flex wings could be tuned by "shimming" the sail with thin lengths of foam inserted between the tube and the LE of the sail? Any thoughts on this?

Man this Starbucks French Roast really kicks butt. I'll have another cup!
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By lizzard
willy willy = auzzie term for dust devil or rotating ground inrush from breaking thermal .
mini tornado ?

I never developed a method for handling in them .
Cessna 172 ..bad but able to keep upright .
Hang glider.. you are at their mercy unless you are lucky enough to see them .
Just like some thermals near cloud base.
never ever had any on these issues on the coast .
If there is a way to be safe around them please let us all know ..
waiting till late afternoon has always been best for smoother thermal air .
Flying whilst not in control is not flying at least that's my perspective .

Not to say that others should not enjoy the inland challenges that are many , some are not within my skillset and never will be .

Positive control and no pilot flopping about is what is required to handle most inland conditions.

I once buckled the wing skins on a Rockwell commander (fast 4 seat plane) flying past some towering cb's at 8500 at the correct turbulence penetration speed , the cb tops were at about 20,000 it was 2.30 pm and in the auzzie desert . the cloud base was about 2000 ft and they were dumping rain ,possibly hail.
At one stage the ground was above me .

Keep safe .

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