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Andy I am sure it would be interesting to hear the many conditions you flew that Seagull in! You guys were fearless.

Flying in the snow is pretty cool but a bit scary when you get to witness all the subtle air movements!
Hang Loop Spreader Bar

I often see the hang loop spreader bar positioned well below the keel. I thought they were to be positioned as high up as possible. I recall that they enable the leverage associated with the elevated hang point but maybe I am too long away to remember. Could someone who is current explain how they are to be used? A brief search in a Wills manual did not reveal an explanation.
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By TjW
The spreader location only affects the maximum angular displacement you can get before the hang loop bumps into the keel.
I put mine as close to the keel as I can during setup, then wherever it needs to be for the downtubes to fold neatly.
As long as the hang loop isn't bumping the keel, the placement shouldn't be all that critical. If it does bump, it's still not all that critical. You might notice some increase in lateral bar pressure to go beyond that point. Or you might not.
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