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We have all been there 426 Hemi, try to fly with some experienced good mates with YOUR best interests at heart.When breaking a drought be prepared to pack down always if its suss...Its ok to make many little errors instead of only one big one...When it got really bad we would fly the sand dunes. Now the"ve built gliders for it! :)
By 426 Hemi
Guys, I fully realize that I am siting here pinning to fly. Sorry about that. The Two Flights that I have had while I flew that Sail-Plane, was great fun! Here while I Pinning to Fly. But I can not run the Risk of sustaining a second Head Injury. Yes that blown Landing by yours Truly on March 28th 2010. Really put the: HURT ON ME. That Pounding I took landing my Predator is the reason that I have been Pursuing getting My Air-Time via a two set Sail-plane.
What was Leonardo Da Vinci say regarding Flying? I know that it went something like this: Once One Took the Air, One wants to return. Boy do I want to RETURN TO THE SKY!
Hey 426,

There are a couple of developments in free flight that could get you in the air again. Wills Wing is making this crazy looking lawn chair that is attached to some of its wings. They call it an Easy Flyer. It's a weight shift supine flying rig that lands on wheels. Currently it's being offered for their Alpha and Falcon wings.

The second possibility might paragliding. The wings are constantly improving. The performance is not going to be a match for your old wing but at least it's free flight.

Both of these wings reduce your chance of head injuries since you would be flying in a seated position. The wings are not without tradeoffs and risk but it's flying and any mishap likely wouldn't be head first.

Just a thought,


PS....OOooo have you considered a soaring trike? One of the lightweight jobs with retractable gear. When your done flying you could start the engine and fly to the LZ of your choice.
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By pec1985
Big Guy, is this you? I thought you went by the name of "ROADRUNNER", but you changed to "426 Hemi"?

Anyway, it's good that you can at least fly sailplanes, that's better than nothing. I'm looking forward to flying Diablo again, will you come and watch us fly?

By 426 Hemi
Pedro , Heck yes I want to do another Day going along with you guys flying up o Diablo. Right now I m up here in Cazadero at my Mothers House.

But I will be returning Home to Brentwood. Where I very much would like to do a Fly,ing Day.

I also look doing some more Flying in that two seat Grobe Sail Plane.

O-K Good By Guys. 925-497-1059
By 426 Hemi
Sure Pedro, I would just Love to do another Flying Day up on Diablo when I return from my Mothers House up here in Cazadero.

Why don't you give me a cal, so we can talk about doing some Flying? 707-632-5928 .

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